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Tim Steinkopf is CEO at Centrify, where he is responsible for all aspects of corporate finance and administration as the company grows its product offerings and extends its global reach. Prior to Centrify, Steinkopf held CFO positions at Secure Computing Corporation (acquired by McAfee), SumTotal Systems, Purfresh and Silicon Entertainment. Mr. Steinkopf has also held executive and management positions with Watt/Peterson and Ernst & Young. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Computer Science from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

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NEW CENTRIFY SURVEY: Too Much Privilege, Not Enough PAM Powered by Zero Trust

By , February 26, 2019

I’m both a technology guy, and a numbers guy. I have Bachelor of Science degrees in both Accounting and Computer Science. I’ve held the CFO and VP of Finance titles at technology companies throughout my career, including at Centrify where I was CFO for 7 years before becoming CEO in January. But I’ve never painted myself as only a numbers guy because I’ve always had a very keen eye on the technology and operations. As CEO, now more than ever, I’m laser-focused on our innovation and ability to execute on our vision, which is to redefine legacy PAM with cloud-ready…

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Zero Trust Lessons from a Holiday Classic

By , December 12, 2018

Every year when the holidays roll around, I’m amazed at the way shopping deals dominate the headlines. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are annual juggernauts that produce some amazing opportunities for shoppers and retailers alike. Yet this year, even the mighty shopping season has taken back-seat to the continuing domination of security breaches in the press. With $114 billion being spent on Information Security products and services in 2018, as estimated by Gartner, we should see the frequency of data breaches going down. Instead, rather than seeing fewer headlines, we’re seeing more. In the past two weeks alone we’ve seen…

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Moving Beyond Legacy PAM: Centrify Zero Trust Privilege

By , October 9, 2018

Our customers trust us to keep their most privileged credentials – the “keys to the kingdom” – secure from being exploited. Over half of the Fortune 100, the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies, all trust Centrify to stop the leading cause of breaches – privileged credential abuse. We know that we can do even better. That starts today with a singular focus on continuing to redefine the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-architected Zero Trust Privilege. SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? First, to sharpen that focus, we’re spinning out our Identity-as-a-Service business…

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How are CFOs Affected By a Security Breach?

By , July 18, 2017

Centrify teamed up with security researcher Ponemon Institute to survey a large group of IT, information security, senior marketing and communication professionals as well as a healthy number of consumers. A key objective of the study was to get a handle on the financial impact of a cyber security breach on a typical organization. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that, the day the breach makes headlines: Your stock price will drop between an average of 3% to 7% when breach is announced You stand to lose a significant number of your customers You will see a corresponding loss…