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Tom is a Solutions Architects at Centrify. Tom started as a Software Engineer developing embedded software for serial cards, firewalls and VPN devices, as well as spending time in the Call Centre Industry as a Solutions Architect for Computer-Telephony-Integration projects.

It's All About Identity

Can Adaptive MFA Mitigate Account Login DOS Attacks?

By , October 6, 2015

One of the problems faced by externally accessible accounts is the number of login attempts that these accounts should permit. On the one hand it is desirable to limit the number of password guessing attempts before locking an account.On the other hand, this leaves the accounts open to Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. That is, a malicious agent can continuously generate login attempts, with no intent of guessing the password even, just so that these accounts get locked time and again. This forces the user/IT to unlock the account before they can continue their work – which is annoying and costly in…

Centrify Perspective

Why Easy-to-Use Multi-Factor Authentication Strengthens Security

By , April 9, 2015

Using only a password for authentication is fraught with problems. Even supposedly strong passwords used on a “3-strikes and you are suspended” login are fundamentally flawed, and must be considered insecure and a very long way from best-practice as far as authentication is concerned. The gold standard for authentication has long been the use of multiple factors. Something you know (password), you have (token), you are (fingerprint). Adoption of multiple factors has been slow. For one thing it costs money to distribute tokens or similar and integrate these into the login process, let alone making biometric scanners available to reliably…