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Tony is a Technical Marketing Director at Centrify. He brings over 30 years of experience in security, software, and customer relationship building to the Centrify team.

It's All About Identity

Cyberthreats — Demystifying Vendor Jargon

By , December 2, 2015

“I’m getting totally lost” David confided over a spinach Jamba Juice in the break room. “Cyberthreats are the buzz in the press and in the C-level washroom. So guess what, it’s now become my priority and frankly, I’m overwhelmed with it all — the complexity, the risk to the business, all the ‘solutions’ promising to solve it but that seem to be all over the map. Arrgggggg!” Theresa could see the panic in David’s eyes. Definitely bridge jumping material. Need to talk him off the ledge. “OK, David. Think happy thoughts. Think happy IT, nice and safe and secure.” He visibly calmed. “Look, every…

It's All About Identity

Handing Over The Keys Without Exposing The Whole Kingdom

By , November 12, 2015

Are you nervous about the prospect of handing over superuser account passwords to a 3rd party? Have you already outsourced IT functions and reluctantly handed over the keys? If the answer to either one is “yes” then you’re faced with a potentially risky situation. Of course, you trust your partner. You’ll have performed background checks on individuals, established SLAs and operational best practices that constrain the usage of these privileged accounts. Still, surveys tell us that data breaches by insiders exploiting privileged identities are rampant, so why should we think we’re any safer trusting an external 3rd party where we…

It's All About Identity

Tequila Sunrise. Or, How to Help Protect Your Servers in the Middle of the Desert

By , August 25, 2015

“Bill — you’ve known about this road trip for months now. You signed the paperwork back in January. I’m all packed and planned and hitting the road bright and early tomorrow.” Bill had forgotten all about Theresa’s California to New Mexico road trip and was far from crazy about her driving over 1,000 miles through places where even the telegraph hadn’t made it yet. When any type of security issue happens in IT, she’s the one person he depends on to save the day and arm him to survive the inevitable C-level grilling. After much grumbling and juvenile whiny noises, Bill concedes…

From the Cloud

IT Convenience. What a Concept. A Day in the (Mobile) Life.

By , June 25, 2015

9.25pm…Sunday…Santa Clara, U.S… Exhausted. Been working looooong hours all weekend in the corporate NOC, tag-teaming with Frank and his team in our Bracknell, U.K. facility. Finally on the road home. Just enough time to hit my favorite coffee shop, sink into a sumptuous leather sofa, and unwind for half an hour with a luxuriant flat white and an almond croissant. Then my mobile phone rings. Argh! I could ignore it, but have assigned a special ring tone for emergency calls. This was the bat signal. The panic call that meant disaster had struck. I pulled over and answered it. It was…

Centrify Perspective

Top 10 IT Productivity Gains with Centrify Privileged Identity Management

By , January 22, 2015

Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to deploy an IT security solution that doesn’t sacrifice usability and productivity for security? I’m sure many of you have had the experience of introducing a new security product that, while solving a real security problem, just makes life hell for users. These can create new hurdles, introduce complexity, and generally take a toll on uses’ day-to-day productivity. Maybe you’re a user on the receiving end, not sure why IT has ‘decided’ to make your life hard. Then again maybe you’re the administrator more aware of the security benefits, but nonetheless, you are…