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Victor Belfor is a Senior Director of Business Development at Centrify focused on developing strategy and partnerships in the mobile ecosystem worldwide. Prior to Centrify, he was the head of business development at RingCentral responsible for strategic alliances and for commercialization of the RingCentral platform.

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CIOs Need Help Embracing Mobility and Cloud, Part 2: New Tools

By , May 8, 2014

In Part I of this blog, we talked about the benefits and risks associated with new trends in enterprise IT.Today, forward-looking organizations are already embracing BYOD, mobility and cloud.  But balancing convenience with security is no easy task.  Fortunately, the same vey trends are also giving birth to a new set of tools which combine terrific user experience for employees with security and peace of mind for IT. One example of such a tool is the mobile container technology (such as  FixMo SafeZone, Sencha Space and Divide).   A container is a virtual environment on a mobile device that separates personal data from…

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CIOs Need Help Embracing Mobility and Cloud, Part 1: The Problem

By , May 2, 2014

IT departments are undergoing a massive change. It can be difficult and it can be painful. Bu it is woth it. BYOD, Mobility and Cloud are good for business!

Many industries (and especially the technology sector) are going through an unprecedented time. The combination of highly efficient supply chains, easy access to offshore manufacturing capacities, outsourced labor, and cloud computing dramatically lowered barriers to competitive market entry. Competition is more fierce than ever before. It is an “evolve or die” world and examples of companies who didn’t evolve fast enough are everywhere: Blockbuster, Nokia, Circuit City, the American automotive industry, traditional airlines. Is it because these industries are inherently difficult? Well, no. Startups such as Ryan Air, Amazon, Tesla and Netflix, as well as large companies such as Hyundai, Toyota, Apple and Samsung, are prospering in the same very industries (and US automakers seem to be finally catching up too).

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Samsung KNOX and Centrify – Pre-Launch Update

By , August 12, 2013

Earlier this year, our CEO Tom Kemp wrote a detailed post describing Samsung’s new enterprise platform called KNOX.  KNOX was unveiled at Mobile World Congress earlier this year where we also remarked on new enterprise mobility trends. Well, the launch date for KNOX is nearly here.  In preparation for launch, we have met with many potential customers and partners.  We noticed some recurring themes in these conversations; and in this post, I’d like to address some of the more frequently asked questions. 1. Why do we need a mobile container?  What’s wrong with conventional MDM? The reason secure mobile containers for business and similar types of…