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Vip Patel is a Senior Customer Success Manager for the Identity Service at Centrify. Vip acts as a Strategic Advisor and Platform Guide to assist customers throughout the deployment process and seeks to ensure high end-user Adoption. Vip is primarily focused on maximizing value for Centrify's Enterprise and Corporate accounts.

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What is Customer Success?

By , December 13, 2016

Customer Success at Centrify is more than just an approach to account management or the name of a department. It is a mindset that reaches from the pre-sales process to renewal. With every interaction, Centrify’s goal is to add and drive value for our customers and partners. Centrify as a company is fully invested in the entire customer journey, as every area in the company is focused on our customers’ success, from the moment they sign-up to support and engineering, from professional services to marketing and from product management to our executive team. Every one of these areas are not just interacting…