The Momentum Continues

It has been a few weeks (actually over 6 weeks — my bad) since I last blogged and it’s definitely time I get back into it. In my defense things have been crazy busy here at Centrify and it’s been all goodness. The fact is since the beginning of February we (a) launched a major upgrade to Centrify Suite for UNIX/Linux/Mac, (b) entered the Windows privilege management market with DirectAuthorize for Windows; (c) are now fully participating (and doing quite well out of the gates) in the cloud identity management market with Centrify for SaaS; and (d) launched a major partnership with Samsung vis a vis Centrify technology being OEMed by Samsung as part of a new solution from Samsung called Samsung KNOX.

That’s all in the span of less than 4 months so hopefully you can see that I (and the rest of the company) have been drinking from a firehose as of lately so things like making time to blog sometimes gets pushed. Luckily some of my fellow Centrify’ers are also now starting to blog, so there are new blog posts sprouting up with “Leveraging Microsoft“, “The Centrify Apple Guys” and “Centrify Technovations” — definitely check these out.

But as I said above, it’s all been good. All these new product releases mentioned above have been literally years in the making. So like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner and hoping that you can time the turkey coming out of the oven with the stuffing and the other side dishes being ready to serve, it’s great to see all these product releases coming out at approximately the same time.

Collectively these new products highlight the depth and breadth of our vision of Unified Identity Services. We believe this vision is unique in the market in that we can deliver a single architecture across data center, cloud and mobile that can truly offer users a single user ID across all three while giving IT a unified identity infrastructure — and do so by letting them leverage existing technology, skillsets and processes that our customers already have in place. And having the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world — Samsung — OEM for our mobile and cloud technology for their devices certainly validates our vision.

And the nice thing is that this product and technology momentum is also being replicated in other areas of our business. For example, this past March quarter was our best EVER in terms of quarterly financial results, which is pretty amazing as March quarters can be a bit challenging given that budgets are still being put in place. In fact quarterly sales grew 57% year over year that is even an even more amazing factoid. Not to be outdone, April was our best month EVER.

So the sales momentum definitely continues and I would like to thank our customers and partners for continuing to believe in what we can offer as a company and as a technology provider. We recently calculated that for last year we have a 97% customer retention rate, which is pretty amazing statistic and shows our customers are getting the value out of our solutions and like what we are doing.

Besides the validation from an industry giant like Samsung and the validation of our customers buying our software and cloud services in record quantities, it was also great to see outside validation by press and analysts. For example, eWeek did a comprehensive product review of Centrify for Mobile and Centrify for SaaS (i.e. collectively reviewed the Centrify Cloud Service) and had this to stay:

“The intuitive interface offered by Centrify in these products solves one of the biggest problems facing administrators today: managing multiple devices that are used by different individuals and that may run different operating systems and applications. This is a chore that gets more complicated once mobile users and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives are added to the mix.”

Nice to see we solve one of IT’s biggest problems! The analysts at the 451Group also weighed in recently on what they see happening with Centrify and had this to say:

“Centrify bears out its name, with ever-increasing unification of management for a huge list of platforms, as well as SaaS. Its range of mobile management options, in particular (device, app and container), continues its versatility. And its main selling feature is that it makes everything work with Active Directory as the center.”

Finally, another analyst — Gregg Kreizman, research VP at Gartner — also recently commented about our vision and execution:

“The new products give an AD-centric shop a way to do [mobile device management] fundamentals,” he stated in an email, “but they also have the authentication and SSO pieces.” … [and] when all the components [i.e. a customer looks at Centrify’s entire product portfolio] are strung together, “you have something that’s pretty nice.”

It’s definitely great to get that type of positive feedback from both press and analysts, but of course to get those statements made about your company is not something that happens overnight — this type of feedback has been a result of a lot hard work on part of the Centrify team over a number of years to make that happen. So I want to end this blog with a big shout out to all the people here at Centrify who are making a difference in our segment of the security market.

In coming blogs I plan to talk about some of the technology advancements we are making with our cloud service, some of the really cool partnerships we are forming with SaaS ISVs, and spend some talking about Samsung KNOX and Centrify’s role in it. And hopefully it won’t be 6 weeks until you see another blog post from me next!