Blackberry Partners with Centrify for Derived Credential Support on Good Secure Mobility Platform

Live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Today, I am pleased to share that Blackberry has partnered with Centrify to provide an even greater level of security for highly regulated customers in the government and financial sectors that use Good Secure Mobility Platform. Together, Blackberry and Centrify are delivering a turnkey solution for using smart card-derived credentials for secure access to thousands of apps and servers on Good secured mobile devices.

Good plus Centrify

Blackberry wanted to open the door to full secure mobility for its public sector customers like state and federal governments, as well as security-conscious financial companies that rely on smart cards for authentication. Until now, using smart cards on mobile devices for secure app access has failed to move beyond the proof-of-concept stage. smart cardI’ve personally witnessed a handful of enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors having built partnerships to solve for smart card-derived credentials, but since they do not fully provide integrated identity management or mobile app single sign-on, their attempts have always missed the mark or are perceived as cumbersome at best.

mobileCentrify not only provides the solution for deriving the credential from a smart card onto a mobile device, but also the ability to fully manage the device and leverage that derived credential on the device for policy-based authentication and SSO into thousands of managed applications and servers.

With Blackberry’s Good Secure Mobility Suite, we further advanced this solution in the direction of secure mobility by integrating the Centrify mobile app into the Good Dynamics platform. Now any Blackberry customer can install Centrify on Good-secured mobile devices and easily deploy Centrify for its mobile users to unlock two compelling benefits.

The first benefit is that customers can leverage many security and productivity features of Centrify’s Identity Service and Privilege Service products from this integration. This means use cases like SAML/OpenID Connect/OAuth based SSO access to thousands of cloud and on-premises apps, all from within the Good secure container. Using MFA with soft-tokens, push notifications, phone, text message, smart watch, fingerprint for cloud and on-premises apps and servers from mobile devices, based on context of app, device, location, user role and more. This also includes using mobile devices for MFA to server resources, or retrieve break-glass access to mission critical server passwords from their Good-secured mobile devices.

Secondly, BlackBerry customers can then use Centrify’s Identity Service to port their smart cards into a derived credential within the Good secure container (through popular certificate authorities like Entrust). Then end users can use this derived credential during mobile access to apps, websites, and services that require smart card authentication and admin-users can obtain privileged passwords to servers without the further need of the smart card.

We’re extremely proud that the reaction from various Blackberry customer engagements has been very positive, and all of them echo this — the combination of Centrify’s FedRAMP compliance, SSO, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and derived-credential access to apps and servers from the Good secure container is the solution the market has been waiting for.

Drop us a line to enquire more on how Centrify can help you: bizdev at centrify dot com.