Bringing Home the Gold!

Nobody likes a braggart. I get that for sure.  Here at Centrify, we especially tend towards the humbler side of things.  It’s just part of the culture, and it’s part of the reason the team works well together.  There aren’t a ton of egos in the office — everyone works for what’s best for our customers.

But on the flip side, too much modesty can be bad as well.  Everyone knows someone who just can’t take a compliment.  Maybe they’re shy, or just a bit awkward.  It’s not a particularly great trait in a person, and it’s certainly not the best trait in a company.  When customers invest their partnership and dollars into a solution, they need to know that the company behind it is strong and confident.  But bragging isn’t the best way to prove your worth. 

Bill Mann Accepting Gold Award
Centrify’s Bill Mann Accepting Our Award

That’s why I love third-party validation.  It’s always easier when someone else does the bragging for you!  And when that someone is Network World, or Gartner, or this week, Network Products Guide, people tend to listen more closely than if it was just us doing some chest-thumping. 

And so, I humbly submit that this week Centrify was named the “Best IT Company of the Year” in the Network Products Guide’s 10th Annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards.  It’s an honor, because it shows that Centrify’s 11 years of hard  work are really helping to make a difference for customers.  Network Products Guide is aimed at making IT lives easier, by cutting through the choices, and helping to provide independent assessment of tools that IT needs to drive their business. 

As a former IT guy myself, I know how valuable that can be.  My phone was constantly ringing with product calls.  My inbox was overflowing with “one free month” of something.  But with tools like the Network Products Guide, I knew when to file an email for future use, and when I could just delete it forever.

Now, it helps that Centrify is in a very cool space.  Thanks to a great founding vision, and a little market-related luck along the way, Centrify lives at the intersection of mobility, security, datacenter, and cloud.  Hot topics to be sure!   We’re proud to be able to help our customers stay secure as they adopt the tools that power modern enterprises, and we’re glad that our solutions are helping bolster security, while saving time for IT, and end users.

One of my favorite musicians, Jaco Pastorius, was a true innovator and renowned genius on electric bass guitar.  He was well aware of his brilliance, and not ashamed to admit it.  Ever.  He famously said once, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.”  Well, Jaco, wherever you are — I agree.  But I still prefer when someone else does the bragging on our behalf.