The True Unified Identity Platform for CASB Solutions

MJ and Scottie

If you’re an avid NBA basketball fan like myself, you might consider Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to be the greatest duo to play the game, others may consider it to be Shaq and Kobe. For non-basketball fans, perhaps you believe it to be Batman and Robin or Han Solo and “The Wookie” Chewbacca. In their own rights, each are dynamic duos because one compliments the other and represented NBA domination, good triumphing evil, or The Republic emerging victorious over the The Galactic Empire.

OtxutzEgahqE0hhTyK8mnaXqI_TqBuUbDeBDDgC2g4EToday, Centrify is announcing partnerships with five market leading CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers) – CloudLock, Elastica, Imperva, Netskope, and Skyhigh Networks. Centrify’s Identity Service in combination with each of these CASB solutions, provides the enterprise with best in breed cloud security tools that leverage our Identity Service to provide inside-app visibility, governance, data protection and a host of other essential security features.

Why is this important to the Industry?

netskope_security_broker_graphEveryday day it seems like the news is filled with the breach-of-the-week, whether it is OPM, Home Depot, or Sony, there is heightened awareness around security and the new frontier — the cloud.  According to IDC, SaaS spending will grow from $39.8 billion in 2014 to $82.7 billion by 2018. This prediction is based on sanctioned applications, but what about the non-sanctioned applications that are being utilized? Additionally, although they are non-sanctioned, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t critical to your lines of business or end-users for productivity.

Recently, Gartner reported that by 2020, 85% of large enterprises will be utilizing a CASB to help secure their cloud. When you couple that information with Ernst & Young’s recent survey identifying nearly two-thirds of the organizations polled lacked a well-defined Identity and Access Management (IAM) program, you can see why these technology alliances are critical as the enterprise moves from on-premise applications to purely cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

What makes this a Dynamic Duo?

Centrify Identity Service — The Unified Identity Platform for CASB Solutions — is fully integrated with our CASB partners to provide a comprehensive solution for provisioning, governing and securing enterprise SaaS applications. Together, we deliver:

  • Comprehensive visibility into SaaS app usage
  • Governance policies based on user identity, devices and locations
  • Granular access restrictions to specific documents
  • Detection of high-risk usage, anomalous behaviors and security incidents
  • Privileged user account monitoring

CASB Diagram

Through our deep integrations with these market-leading CASB solutions, we deliver a dynamic cloud security offering that is a force multiplier (1+1=3) for end users and IT practitioners.

See what our partners had to say about our alliances, and visit our website for more information related to our Identity Platform and CASB relationships:

Centrify CASB Solutions:


“CloudLock’s mission is to turn cloud security into a business enabler for organizations and people,” said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and co-founder at CloudLock. “With our expanded cybersecurity-as-a-service, CASB+ offering and evolving partnership with Centrify, we enable organizations globally to leverage the most advanced security controls for apps they buy off the shelf or build themselves.”


“Enterprise adoption of cloud applications is growing rapidly, with more organizations storing and sharing critical business data in the cloud. This trend requires new tools to monitor, govern and secure usage of these new applications,” said Sheldon Gilbert, vice president of business development at Elastica. “Partnering with Centrify allows us to deliver seamless integration of their identity management solution along with our industry leading CASB offering to streamline safe adoption of the cloud for enterprise organizations.”


“The adoption of cloud applications has made security a shared responsibility between the application provider and the subscribing organization,” said Frank Cabri, Vice President of Marketing for the Skyfence product line at Imperva.  “Imperva enables global organizations to discover assets and risks, then protect their most valuable information both in the cloud and on-premises. We are pleased to team with Centrify to give their customers confidence that their data is protected no matter where it resides and how it’s accessed.”


“As organizations continue to seek the cost savings and increase in productivity associated with SaaS, they need a solution that not only safely enables the use of cloud apps, but also secures the identity of the users on their network,” said Rick Holden, vice president of business development and alliances for Netskope.  “The integration of the Netskope Active Platform with Centrify’s Identity Service provides these organizations with an industry-leading solution that delivers the most advanced cloud DLP, surgical visibility and control for both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps, and a future-proof architecture that supports a variety of deployment options.”


“Centrify’s Identity Service and the patented Skyhigh Pervasive Cloud Control enables frictionless and ubiquitous visibility and policy enforcement so that IT departments can provide BYOD access to cloud services, off-network access to cloud services and collaboration between employees, customers and partners. Skyhigh and Centrify deliver these capabilities without requiring an agent on the end-user’s device or otherwise impacting the end-user experience,” said Chris Cesio, vice president of business development and channels for Skyhigh Network.