Centrify & Alfresco Partner for Secure Mobile Collaboration- Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On

Centrify & Alfresco Partnership enables Mobile Enterprise Collaboration with Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On


Enforcing role based Active Directory access to content stored in Alfresco either on premise or in the cloud can be a challenge. As we have learned, users should never have access to more information on more devices than is necessary to do their jobs. Centrify and Alfresco have a partnership that delivers this solution with no changes to existing infrastructure- Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On

Every day, leading companies and governments in 180 countries around the world are using Alfresco to streamline document-intensive business processes and enable secure collaboration – behind the firewall, in the cloud and even on their mobile devices. And they are doing it with Alfresco’s open source enterprise content management solutions at 1/2 the cost and in 1/2 the time of legacy, proprietary ECM vendors.

The use of collaboration services like Alfresco in a business context has become increasingly critical – Alfresco recognized this trend many years ago and continues to be one of the visionary leaders in enterprise content management.

 Modern requirements for business collaboration are much more demanding than they were just 5 years ago as we need to account for more devices and roles than just onsite employees using PCs. Enterprise collaboration solutions must accommodate the need to collaborate with remote contractors, partners, and employees who need a higher level of security yet MUST have universal access across their devices Android/IOS/Mac/PC. How do you make sure that access to sensitive corporate data stored in Alfresco is limited to the right set of users, yet ubiquitously and easily available across any number of approved devices without the hassle of more passwords?

 Alfresco and Centrify are tremendously excited to announce an important partnership today as Centrify is now an identity management partner for Alfresco to provide a free solution for Alfresco customers – Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-on.

 “We’re excited to partner with Centrify to offer single sign-on and an integration Centrify for Alfresco customers of all sizes across the world”, said Marc Dubresson, Director of Product Management for Alfresco. “Leveraging the SSO industry standard, SAML, we look forward to working with Centrify to enable a frictionless experience for customers seeking to leverage their Active Directory identities for seamless access to Alfresco in the Cloud on Mobile, or On-Premises.”

By integrating a customer’s Active Directory with Alfresco, Centrify allows users to get one click access to Alfresco through the MyCentrify portal across PC/Mac/IOS/Android.


This means Centrify can provide role based access to Alfresco repositories and allow collaboration across the firewall with assurance that access levels are enforced while making collaboration possible from any device with just one click. This is how advanced knowledge work is completed 24 hours a day, in all corners of the world, by mobile collaborators, but with the security only Centrify can provide.

Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On is available today from Centrify for SAML as well as username/password logins. Check out Centrify’s Alfresco Single Sign-On for yourself and take a test drive today for FREE!

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