Centrify and Cloudera Partner to Offer Privileged Identity Management for Hadoop

Information has become the lifeblood of our modern economy. Vast piles of data are stacking up everywhere in massive data centers all over the world. Whole companies and whole industries have been formed and evaporated trying to solve the fundamental challenge with so much data – how to get value from the data by understanding it all. Now that we know this data has so much value we must make sure we keep this valuable information secret from prying eyes. Perhaps you have heard about the great efforts Coca Cola has taken to protect the secret recipe for Coke? This is known to be one of the most valuable trade secrets in the world. Given Coca Cola’s world reach and its $47 Billion US in annual revenue it is extremely important to keep this secret safe.


The data that goes into off-the-shelf Apache Hadoop can be as important to a company as Coke’s recipe, but generally it does not yet get the same kind of protection you see in the picture of Coca Cola’s vault. By default core components of Hadoop do not yet have sufficient job-level, role-based access built in to protect data. This means that unless your Hadoop cluster is running in Secure Mode, you may not have sufficient or any access control over who can access the data. Although security in general is improving for Hadoop natively, there is room for improvement still.

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A lack of access control and auditing for Hadoop may be OK during testing or POC phases before real data is brought into the cluster, but when it comes time to put your companies’ valuable data into the mix, Centrify best practice suggests you have something akin to Cloudera Enterprise integrated with Centrify Server Suite to provide access control with Privileged Identity Management. While Cloudera provides all the tools needed to get a Hadoop cluster up and running and has added significantly to Hadoop security with tools such as Sentry and Cloudera Navigator. Centrify has also customized its flagship Centrify Server Suite product line to increase Hadoop security and make it easier to get a Cloudera cluster integrated into Active Directory and more easily get the cluster in Secure Mode so that job-level, role-based access control and auditing for all users can be maintained.

Over the past year we have received dozens of requests from Centrify customers to work with them around their Cloudera implementations from an identity perspective. Given that Cloudera Enterprise (Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop Distribution) is one of the leading Hadoop distributions, we started working with Cloudera soon after we heard the first customer request for broader integration back last year. Since then we have been working across Business Development, Product Management, Engineering, E-Suite, and Sales to put some muscle behind a Cloudera-Centrify partnership. To find a fine point on why this partnership matters, look no further than Tim Stevens, vice president of corporate and business development at Cloudera, who said:

“While Cloudera offers comprehensive and compliance ready security, we recognize that organizations need to be able to leverage their investment in existing enterprise tools such as Centrify. With this partnership, we can offer a range of access management tools to our enterprise customers that enable them to gain the most value from their investment in Cloudera and Centrify. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Centrify and in providing the best enterprise-grade security for Cloudera customers.”

We are proud to announce today a partnership between Cloudera and Centrify to provide our existing joint customers with a documented and supported joint integration. In addition, we are excited to say that Centrify is now Cloudera Certified.


You can now get the best of the best integrated together and your company can truly become the next Coca Cola – by combining Cloudera with Centrify to find the insights in your data that will be the next Coke recipe. This combination provides you with a highly scalable, secure data repository that will keep your valuable data top secret. With Centrify you will always know which users did what and when while assuring proper access control using your existing Active Directory policies and controls. When you want to move your Cloudera Enterprise deployment into production, Centrify is the overwhelming choice for making sure only the right users get access to your sensitive and valuable data.

For more information, check out the Cloudera Solution page on www.Centrify.com/cloudera

You can get more technical details on the Cloudera Centrify Integration on the Cloudera site at:


We will be talking big about big data this week at the Strata+Hadoop World event with our partner Cloudera. Come visit the Cloudera and Centrify booths to get a chance to win some special prizes! You can visit Centrify at Strata+ Hadoop this week at the San Jose Convention Center in booth #1430.