Centrify and Concur Partner to Enable “The Perfect Trip”

This week Centrify announced a partnership with Concur enabling secure single sign-on (SSO) for Concur users and an integrated identity and mobile management infrastructure for IT organizations running Concur and other SaaS applications. Centrify does not announce partnerships with every SaaS vendor with whom we integrate – our solution integrates with thousands of SaaS apps – so let’s cover the two reasons why this partnership is important and unique.

  1. Significant customer base and new customer momentum. During the last decade Concur has successfully migrated clients from its traditional on premise software to its SaaS offering. Today Concur provides cloud-based integrated travel and expense management solutions to more than 20,000 client organizations with 25 million end users in more than 100 countries. The company is rapidly adding new clients – 1,000 last quarter alone. Concur clearly is a top-tier SaaS app partner for Centrify and one with whom there are many opportunities for Centrify to provide value to existing and new clients.
  2. Shared passion for a seamless end user experience. Concur and Centrify have both engineered technology to work behind the scenes to enable people to avoid inconveniences and be more productive.

For Concur, this seamless user experience is reflected in the concept of “The Perfect Trip.” Captured in a short video, with just a few taps on a smartphone a business traveler views trip details, receives travel updates, checks into a flight, gets through airport security, checks into a hotel, upgrades his room, orders a curbside taxi…and finally takes a photo of a receipt to submit an expense report. Enabling the business traveler to move about with convenience – enabled by Concur and other network-connected services – is the very reason Concur has built the ecosystem of partners in the Concur App Center.

Centrify is likewise focused on the end user experience and a partner ecosystem – in our case enabling more convenient access to Concur and thousands of other SaaS apps. Going back to the business traveler in the video: With Centrify the traveler could throw away the list of all their SaaS app user names and passwords kept in their wallet and instead have single sign-on access not just to Concur but also to Salesforce.com, Office 365 and virtually any other SaaS apps used as part of their job – on a multitude of devices and platforms.

Recently Centrify has had the opportunity to participate in Concur customer events in Seattle, New York, New Orleans and Sydney. These efforts are bearing results: Today there are organizations across industries – financial services, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and high tech – running Centrify to enable SSO for Concur and other SaaS apps. We’re looking forward to working further with Concur to serve more mutual customers. For more information visit Centrify on the Concur App Center and the Concur landing page on Centrify.com.