Centrify Announces Availability of Samsung KNOX Solutions

Today we took a significant step forward in our OEM technology partnership with Samsung,announcing 3 key milestones marking the launch of Samsung KNOX:

  1. Centrify for Samsung KNOX is now generally available and provided at no extra cost for use on ANY Samsung KNOX licensed devices.
  2. Centrify is now a Samsung KNOX reselller, which means you can buy Samsung KNOX licenses globally from Centrify – starting today.
  3. AllThingsKNOX.com – your one stop resource center for Samsung KNOX is now live!

I’d like to translate what this actually means for enterprise organizations on their journey to secure enterprise mobility.

Starting today, Samsung KNOX can be experienced first-hand on any KNOX-enabled device like the GALAXY S4 or Note 3 by applying the Samsung KNOX license on such devices. To do so, besides procuring the device from your favorite carrier, you also need to purchase a Samsung KNOX license (eg. from Centrify) that is sold as an annual subscription at $43 per user per year.

Next, you need a mobile device management (MDM) solution to apply the KNOX license key and manage the KNOX platform policies (including creating/managing KNOX containers).

Centrify for Samsung KNOX is one such solution that uniquely offers both mobile device & identity management features via a cloud service that is up and running in minutes, resulting not only in Samsung KNOX management & deployment, but also world-class mobile security through seamless enterprise integration to Microsoft Active Directory.

Best of all — Centrify for Samsung KNOX is provided at no cost to customers who have purchased Samsung KNOX licenses! This means, customers dont have to purchase additional 3rd party MDM solutions to deploy & manage their KNOX devices.

Next, users can experience mobile Zero-Sign-On, which is really next-gen Single-Sign-On for mobile apps. SSO is built in to the Samsung KNOX platform, which means no more fat-fingering usernames or passwords for mobile apps! Here is a good before/after comparison:




All end users need to do is enroll their devices by using the “Centrify for Samsung KNOX” app that is available from the Google Play store. This app prompts users with a one time user/password challenge to get these devices activated with the users’ enterprise Active Directory based identity.

Then onwards, KNOX mobile containers are created where users’ business apps like Box, Dropbox, Webex are automatically published and available for use. End users simply get 1-click access to these business apps and no longer enter any usernames or passwords = Zero Sign-On! IT admins continue to use a familiar tool like Active Directory Group Policy manager to manage KNOX containers and devices in a frictionless manner.




At Centrify, we’ve been running Samsung KNOX for 3+ months on ~ 100 employee and corporate owned GALAXY S4 devices, including our CEO and executive management team. Our employees enjoy the experience of separating work and personal apps on their KNOX devices, along with Zero-Sign-On productivity for their everyday apps like Office365, Webex, Salesforce, Concur, Box, ADP, Dropbox, Marketo and more.

Watch this space for more KNOX related tidbits over the next few weeks — until then, feel free to check out AllThingsKNOX and get your KNOX ON!