Centrify Announces Single Sign-On for Dropbox for Business

As Dropbox has quickly become one of the killer apps for storing and sharing content, the inevitable use of this collaboration service in a business context has become increasingly critical – Dropbox recognized this trend and recently announced Dropbox for Business. However, the context for business file sharing demands a higher level of security. How do you make sure that access to sensitive corporate data stored in Dropbox is limited to the right sets of users, yet ubiquitously and easily available across any number of approved devices without the hassle of more passwords? ­­

Dropbox announced its SSO feature to be officially available today to more easily fit Dropbox into customers’ existing systems such as Active Directory. Centrify is pleased to announce an important partnership with Dropbox today as a preferred SSO and identity management partner for Dropbox to provide a free solution for Dropbox customers – Centrify for Dropbox Single Sign-on.

“We’re excited to partner with Centrify to offer single sign-on and an integration with Samsung KNOX to Dropbox for Business customers of all sizes across the world”, said Ari Friedland, Head of Business Development, Dropbox for Business. “Leveraging the SSO industry standard, SAML, we look forward to working with Centrify to enable a frictionless experience for customers seeking to leverage their Active Directory identities for seamless access to Dropbox.”

Dropbox Single Sign-On

This solution provides an elegantly simple way to integrate your existing Active Directory credentials with Dropbox to enable:

  • Free Active Directory Integration for Dropbox—With no extra holes in the firewall, a 5-minute installation securely connects your Active Directory to the Centrify Cloud Service without replicating sensitive data to the cloud or a 3rd party. Check out Centrify’s Dropbox Single Sign-On for yourself today!
  • Mobile Zero Sign-On (ZSO)—Users enroll mobile devices in the Centrify Cloud Service and use the MyCentrify App for easy access to all of their web apps and native mobile apps like Dropbox.
  • Secure Browser Single Sign-On (SSO)—Simply use existing Active Directory credentials to get one-click access to Dropbox and all your favorite SaaS apps through the MyCentrify Portal.
  • User Self-Service with MyCentrify Portal—A people-centric IT interface allows users to conveniently locate, lock or wipe their mobile devices and reset their Active Directory passwords.
  • Frictionless Unified Device & App Management—As an alternative to third-party MDM/MAM solutions, we help Dropbox customers seamlessly integrate mobile devices into an existing Active Directory infrastructure, giving IT secure central management of mobile devices & apps from a familiar interface. The Centrify Cloud Manager enables IT managers to centrally deploy and manage access to SaaS apps like Dropbox, apply Active Directory role-based access controls, and run activity reports.

In addition, the Centrify and Dropbox partnership uniquely goes beyond browser SSO to give users mobile “Zero Sign-on” to the Dropbox mobile app, with Dropbox’s plans to support Centrify’s Mobile Authentication Services. Dropbox and Centrify are focused on giving businesses more flexibility and productivity by giving users easy and secure access to Dropbox on all devices regardless of location. Together, Dropbox and Centrify are working with the leading mobile containerization vendors to ensure secure, seamless access to content inside the container.  Dropbox users can leverage technology like Samsung KNOXwithout compromising the one-click experience or enterprise-grade security.

All of us at Centrify are excited about working with Dropbox and look forward to helping Dropbox and its customers securely and easily access their files. To highlight the enthusiasm Centrify has for its partnership with Dropbox, Centrify CEO Tom Kemp was recently quoted in a TechCrunch article, stating that Dropbox is a real difference maker because of its massive install base and usage:

“More and more users are bringing DropBox into work.   But corporate IT/security is concerned that sensitive / confidential information is being stored in the cloud without proper security controls and access rights being applied, and they have no visibility into this.  If they say no to dropbox, then users will just skirt IT.  So having a solution such as Centrify integrate Dropbox with AD means that (a) users can use the solution they are comfortable with in terms of sharing docs etc.; (b) IT can put in the access control and security rights (who can access what) that they require; and (c) IT can leverage anexisting mgmt tool / infrastructure they already own (AD) so they can implement this control / visibility without having to learn yet another tool. So Centrify + AD + Dropbox is a win – win for users/consumers and corporate IT.” said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify Corporation.

Dropbox Single Sign-On is available today from Centrify for SAML as well as username/password logins.  Check out Centrify’s Dropbox Single Sign-On for yourself and take a test drive today for FREE!