Centrify Connect: Learn, Explore and Join the Conversation

For the past 12 years Centrify has built products that have addressed the needs of our customers. Protecting companies against data breaches due to compromised credentials is at the heart of what our products are designed to do.

Behind these world-class products is a very talented team of people: product teams that every day find ways to better secure enterprises, engineering teams that write millions of lines of code, and service and support teams that ensure that our customers’ trust and investment in Centrify are secure as well.

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During this journey of building great products, we have acquired over 5,000 customers that have not just put their investment in us by purchasing our software, but have also put their time and effort into helping us evolve our products with their needs in mind.

Many organizations say they are customer-centric, but at Centrify, I have personally seen this with every decision the organization has made.

Our customers communicate their feedback through all channels available, which has helped us shape our products and our services. Our 97% retention and 92% customer satisfaction ratings shows that our customers love our products, and that they receive support from the entire organization.

In May at our first-ever user conference, Centrify Connect, I would like to meet all our awesome customers in person. We have an action packed two-day event where our customers will hear from great speakers, learn a lot about our current products, upcoming features and hear from industry experts about why it is crucial to protect both end users and privileged users across today’s hybrid IT world of cloud, mobile and data center.

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But most importantly, customers will connect with their peers who use the same solutions, learn from their deployment methodologies and take home best practices to deploy in their Centrify infrastructure.

Looking at the agenda and the range of speakers who will be presenting and sharing their knowledge and experiences, I’ve already picked my Top 10 sessions not to be missed!

Not ranked in any particular order:

  1. Keynotes from Gen. Michael Hayden, Bruce Schneier, Andras Cser and Tom Kemp
  2. Understanding the Centrify Platform Architecture
  3. Remy Cointreau Case Study
  4. Securing Your Big Data Rollout
  5. Privileged Access Security for the Hybrid Cloud
  6. Centrify Roadmap and Vision
  7. Emerging Standards in Identity Management
  8. Expanding PIM to Docker Containers
  9. Beyond Passwords: Locking Down Your Enterprise with MFA Everywhere
  10. Identity Security — The cost of not doing enough

As we look forward to Centrify Connect I would like to personally thank all of our customers for their partnership in our efforts to protect enterprise identities against cyberthreats. I hope to shake hands with all of you at Centrify Connect.