Centrify Demoing the Latest KNOX 2.4 features at MWC 2015

If you’ve read my last blog, you know that the Centrify mobile team is in full force at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and demoing some of the latest mobile features of Centrify Identify Service. Together with our partner Samsung, we are excited to announce and demo some of the new features in the KNOX 2.4 platform released this week.


One key new feature is Bulk enrollment for Android on Samsung devices. This gives IT administrators the ability to enroll devices into Centrify Identity Service, or Knox EMM, without having physical access to the device. This was a feature in high demand from large customers who needed to streamline and speed the deployment of lots of devices to fleets or service employees.

Upon boot, the device checks in with a Samsung cloud service, sends a unique identifier, and checks to see if that device belongs to a member company. If it is indeed a device that belongs to a company that has set up enrollment, the device is automatically enrolled and assigned to the appropriate users – before first boot.

Check out the video below to see it in action. This a really cool feature that can save a ton of time for customers.

I’m happy to see Samsung taking a similar approach to wearables as we did (Which I talked about in my previous blog). Here at MWC we’re giving another demo that uses wearables to unlock Samsung KNOX containers.

Since the wearables are a very convenient “something you have,” they make a great second factor for authentication. And since they are physically worn on the body, they are also a great way to enforce some physical proximity to aid in authenticating you into your device. This is similar to the new Trusted Devices feature in Android 5, where you can identify paired devices as things you trust and are able to bypass certain lock screens if that device is within proximity.

Now using a Samsung Gear smartwatch, and a KNOX 2.4 container, users can get very fast and secure access to the applications and data inside the container – as long as the watch is within proximity of the device. Easy, simple, and secure.