Centrify DirectControl for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

With the announcement of the release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks by Apple today, an updated version of the Centrify Mac agent is also available for those will undoubtedly want to have Apple’s latest and greatest immediately.

This DirectControl for Mac OS X 10.9 release is a required update for anyone wanting to run Mavericks on a Centrify-managed system.

In addition to bringing support for OS X 10.9, additional key updates for this release include:

  • Bugfixes for issues affecting offline logins
  • Support for remote silent installation via Apple Remote Desktop and other deployment solutions.
  • GUI enhancements for more informative descriptions of the various functions available in the agent.
  • Support for DirectControl for Mac OS X 10.6 has been discontinued with this release.

Read this first!

It is strongly recommended to upgrade the Centrify DirectControl agent in Connected mode first, before updating to Mavericks.

Here are the recommended steps:

Centrify Mac agent settings

  1. Login to the Mac as an AD user with Local Admin privileges, or with the Local Admin account.
  2. Download the latest version of the Centrify Mac agent.NOTE: If updating from an earlier version of Centrify, look in: System Preferences > Centrify > “CentrifyDC mode” and make sure it shows Connected
  3. Install/Update the Centrify Mac agentNOTE: If updating from an earlier version of Centrify and cached logins are used. Then a Connected login will need to be performed at least once to update the cache schema. The easiest way to do this is with the following steps:–a. Double-check the Connected status again and make sure CentrifyDC mode is still connected.–b. Open the Terminal and run:
    login ad_username

    (Where “ad_username” is the username of the AD user. When the command-line login completes, the credentials will have been re-cached)
    Command line AD login

  4. With the Centrify agent updated and AD credentials re-cached, the Mac system is now ready to be updated to OS X 10.9
  5. Update to Mavericks a-go-go!

Deployment Manager Notes:

For those deploying this update via Centrify Deployment Manager, when downloading the agent software in Step 2 – the “Show only the latest software” checkbox will need to be CLEARED to display the latest Mac agent for 10.9.

This is because the Mac agent for 10.9 was branched off especially for Mavericks, so is considered a separate branch from the main Centrify Suite 2013.3.

The Deployment Manager “latest software” filter only looks at the full Suite versions and so won’t initially show the Mac agent for 10.9 in the list.

Don’t worry though – everything will go back to normal when it all gets bundled back together come the next Suite iteration.

— Happy updating!