Centrify Expands It’s Developer Program to Make it Easier to Add MFA, SSO and Access Control to Apps

APISingle sign-on, social login, multi-factor authentication (MFA), password reset and access control can now be easily integrated into cloud, mobile and behind the firewall apps from third party developers by integrating Centrify APIs.

Application developers are in a modern day wonderland where they can build multifaceted and intricate apps that function across user devices without having to build much computing or coding infrastructure.  It is now taken for granted that developers tap into well known APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Google or eBay to enrich their apps with new layers of context, function and integration.


The API economy essentially allows developers to outsource some of their coding to others who have already done the work and are willing to share. Today Centrify is sharing freely its APIs for incorporation by developers to manage the user and access related functions in their own applications. The Centrify Developer Program extends the value of Centrify to both
Centrify partners and customers. Features include:


One partner benefitting from the Centrify Developer Program is Samsung:

“Centrify’s identity platform APIs provide a powerful, programmatic interface that helps integrate our customers’ existing enterprise identities on Samsung mobile devices supporting Knox and enable single sign-on to mobile apps,” said Young Kim, vice president of B2B Solution Group, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The streamlined approach helps our customers and key ISV partners to easily integrate with the Knox framework.”

Centrify customers have also benefitted from the Centrify Developer Program and its well documented APIs.

Through the API available from Centrify, we’ve customized the single sign-on experience for our faculty and students,” said Clifford Russell, CIO for Morehouse College. “One of the biggest issues with multiple cloud systems is that the look and feel changes when a user goes from platform to platform. Thanks to Centrify, we’ve masked the fact that multiple platforms are used, so they now have just one look and feel.”

A developer partner benefiting from the APIs made available through the Centrify Developer Program that I personally have been working with is online security company AVG.

“Our Identity-as-a-Service and enterprise mobility offering — AVG SSO — leverages Centrify’s APIs to enable managed service providers to deliver a smooth customer experience,” said Fred Gerritse, general manager, AVG Business. “From onboarding business customers to providing reports with usage information for billing purposes, we are able to use Centrify’s APIs to achieve these tasks.”

Centrify APIs have already been adopted across our customer, partner and third party developer community, and with today’s announcement, we are expecting even more creativity to flourish in the Centrify ecosystem going forward. Moreover, we are already planning our next additions to the Centrify public API set.

To join the Centrify Developer Program, or to find out more about Centrify Developer Program benefits please visit:  https://www.centrify.com/developers