Centrify Expands on Red Hat Partnership with Secure Access for Software Defined Red Hat Storage

Today we are excited to announce that Centrify and Red Hat have expanded on their partnership with a new solution for secure access to software-defined storage! This partnership leverages synergistic solution scenarios from both vendors that help customers transition to a modern datacenter infrastructure. The solution gives customers proven and validated storage and compute solutions scenarios for their unique storage requirements while supporting new storage challenges presented by big data. Through this blog, lets take a deeper dive into why Red Hat and Centrify were motivated to work together and how customers can benefit from the partner solution.

Unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate, causing challenges for IT managers to efficiently store and manage access controls to the unstructured data. Red Hat Storage Server is a scale-out file and object storage software solution that deploys in minutes for scalable, high-performance storage in your data center or on-premise private cloud, or public cloud like Amazon, or in a hybrid configuration. While Red Hat Storage enables support for both Windows and *NIX endpoints to access files, this mixed environment of Windows and UNIX users also creates a need for a security model to control common file access. Windows users do not typically have UNIX profiles and vice-versa, so servers typically set and store arbitrary values for these attributes during file creation & access. In most enterprise situations, this is not a workable solution.

Centrify and Red Hat together have developed a unique solution to this challenge by leveraging the open scale-out architecture of Red Hat Storage coupled with Centrify DirectControl. With Centrify, users can benefit from secure access to data stored on Red Hat Storage using native Windows protocols and leveraging Active Directory, the most widely used identity infrastructure that enterprises already have in place.

Centrify has announced today at Red Hat Summit 2013 that DirectControl now delivers Active Directory-based authentication and Single Sign-On for users accessing file shares on Red Hat Storage.  Enterprises can now benefit from additional secure access to data stored on Red Hat Storage using native Windows protocols and leveraging Active Directory. This solution enables enterprises to accelerate deployment of Red Hat Storage due to ease of management, allowing users to more efficiently access the data they need and mitigating issues of disjoint namespaces across servers. Centrify provides a simple way to scale out Red Hat Storage that cleanly integrates with Active Directory and provides an easy path to control access, auditing, and server isolation policy with the Centrify Suite.

In support of this announcement, Scott Clinton, senior director, product management and marketing, Storage, Red Hat said: “IT managers are faced with the challenge of efficiently storing and managing access to file shares on Windows SMB protocols,”  “Red Hat is pleased to work with Centrify to address this challenge by leveraging the open scale-out architecture of Red Hat Storage and the centralized identity management capabilities of Centrify DirectControl.”

Here’s how it works:

Red Hat Storage - Centrify Architecture

  1. A user logs in using their Active Directory credentials.
  2. Active Directory authenticates the user and issues a Kerberos ticket.
  3. The user access files stored on a Red Hat Storage server; request includes the Kerberos ticket.
  4. DirectControl Agent on the RHS server honors the Kerberos ticket & grants access to the files.

We are extremely excited to be working more deeply with Red Hat and the Red Hat Storage team and we are also quite bullish about this extension of the Red Hat-Centrify Partnership to the Software Defined Storage market.  We think Software Defined Storage is a huge market disruptor, creating shifts in storage that require heterogeneous storage environments even more so than today. Into this shift plunges Centrify to fill the gap between disparate permission structures created when leveraging Software Defined Storage across multiple storage platforms. Rather than live with silos of identity and less secure storage, companies using Centrify can centralize all file permissions back to Active Directory for control, compliance, and security regardless of storage platform.

Here is more information on the Red Hat Storage – Centrify solution. For more information about the Centrify Suite, visit http://www.centrify.com/suite or request a free Centrify Suite 2013 trial!

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Tradeshow Booth Red Hat Storage - Centrify Solution

Interesting fact: Centrify Suite 2013 supports more than 20+ versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.