Centrify Launches New Alliance Program for ISVs & Developers

Today at the Samsung Developers Conference, we are excited to announce the birth of CAPP! Centrify has taken a leap forward by evolving as a platform vendor and creating a formal program to embrace & engage with more ISVs and developers – the Centrify Aliance Partner Program. I want to take the time here to talk about our motivation to do this and what this means for ISVs and developers alike.

Every technology vendor has an eventual goal or desire of building a list of vendors whom they call as partners and one they would like to fondly refer to as a “partner ecosystem”. There are many approaches I have seen companies take to get there, some simply getting there with the sheer math of numbers – a growing customer and employee base means advocating for more programs and driving brand awareness, so it becomes a “yet another alliance program” for marketing and sales goals that quickly turns into a logo building exercise.

I believe that a true ecosystem springs up naturally from partnerships that grow from sheer competency of the company’s technology — which provides a platform to realistically transform another vendor’s solution by adding unique “helper” value that could organically not be achieved by the vendor. And then there is the second aspect of providing avenues to expand market reach by evangelizing this “better together” technology solution to each others’ customer base, which is equally important, but one that does not hold its own without the basis of a joint solution. One can say these traits serve as the right ingredients or catalysts to create a “technology partnership” framework. We believe that Centrify has reached critical mass with many instances of such partnerships that drove us to create this alliance program to make the benefits repeatable for many more software, cloud & mobile appplication vendors and developers. Here’s my walk through of a variety of common patterns & benefits from partnerships spanning the 9 years of Centrify’s existence — the motivation and what it means for our alliance program members.

Centrify now offers a developer platform with rich SDKs

Centrify has evolved to also deliver a robust set of SDKs alongside each of our Centrify Server Suite and Centrify User Suite products. This didnt just occur by happenstance, but over the years, we have always provided a convenience for our customers to also use a programmatic interface to our products via a rich set of SDKs. For our datacenter customers, we have offered a *nix and Windows SDK for our DirectControl family of products – Centrify DirectManage Access SDK. For our cloud and mobile customers, we offer Centrify MAS SDK that helps a rich mobile application implement single-sign-on authentication using Active Directory, and Centrify SAML SaaS SDK that helps a web or SaaS application build an authentication interface using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) that can be used to authenticate users through the Centrify Cloud Service.

These SDKs appeal nicely to traditional software/cloud vendors beyond our customers, as they have proven to be handy and solve the toughest identity and access management challenges for enterprise focused network/security/storage appliance vendors to SaaS vendors and mobile management vendors.

Expanded market reach to Centrify’s 5000+ customers

A lot of our technology partners have expressed gratitude by having the chance to showcase their joint Centrify solutions to our customers. CAPP formalizes this, so you as an ISV/developer will have an opportunity to grow revenues alongside Centrify in the rewarding cloud identity and mobile security markets. As each market is experiencing an extreme rate of growth, by working with Centrify, your technology will find its way into a wide range of customers representing vertical and horizontal market segments including education, finance, government, medical and more. You’ll also reach a broadly deployed customer base — from SMBs to Fortune 50 companies.

Access to Centrify technology, validation & support

Some of our technology partners have benefited tremendously with the subject matter expertise they receive from our support and technical enablement teams during the solution integration exercise. This knowledge transfer is an intangible benefit that we wanted to share with the community of our technology & developer partners. CAPP provides you with a nice structure to engage, interact and receive expert help for the joint solution development and validation.

Leverage the Centrify brand for co-marketing

Finally, name and size does matter, and the Centrify name has worked wonders for many of our technology integration partners. Centrify represents trust, reliability, transparency, market leadership and customer satisfaction all in one word. That is what our ISV partners have counted on to impress a joint solution upon their prospects and customers, and Centrify’s 97% customer retention rate holds us credible as a vendor to partner with. CAPP provides you with many avenues of leveraging Centrify’s brand through a variety of partner marketing benefits.

Proofpoints – Samsung, Dropbox, Zoom

I’ll close with some proofpoints of CAPP — we mentioned 3 ISV partners in our press release, representing a good variety of the types of vendors we work with. Samsung being the largest one is someone whom we have collaborated successfully over the last 18 months with ourcloud and mobile developer SDKs for the Samsung KNOX platform. The Samsung-Centrify partnership spans from technology to marketing & sales cooperation. Dropbox has relied on Centrify to deliver Zero-Sign-On enabled mobile apps to their millions of users for secure access to Dropbox for BusinessZoom has integrated Centrify’s cloud identity solutions into its cloud based video conferencing service and has executed on sales and marketing initiatives to increase awareness and adoption between our mutual customers.

Whether you are a storage, network, security hardware/software vendor or a cloud, mobile platform/application vendor or an independent mobile/cloud application developer, we welcome your interest & look forward to solving your technology challenges by Centrify’ng your solution through CAPP!