Centrify and MapR Partner to Bring Privileged Identity Management to MapR Distribution Including Apache Hadoop

We are awash in data. We know this.  We have known this for a long time. Ever since the first storage media was created in the 20th Century we have been puzzling over what to do with all the data we create using computers. Enter Hadoop.  For those of you living under a technological rock Hadoop is BIG. IT’S BIG DATA.  Here is a little infographic that illustrates the point:

Screenshot 2015-02-11 17.45.44

So why is it so big and what can Centrify do about it?

Well first it is BIG from an investment and IT spending standpoint, as it is one of the single largest projected IT markets. The anticipated spend out to 2020 is just a massive infrastructure build out akin to what happened to San Francisco and the area following the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California in 1848. It is a modern day gold rush where the gold is each businesses’ data – MapR and Centrify are here to provide the tools to mine big data securely.

California Gold Rush 2

Using Hadoop, companies can finally get information together in one place and then find unique insight – the true Eureka moments – using MapR. Now that we have these great insights stored, it is important to make sure only those who are supposed to are able to get access – using Centrify

Companies have tons of data about customers, buying patterns, marketing, research data, etc., but they struggle to aggregate and correlate it. Just massing together the needed computing power to analyze large data sets was daunting until Hadoop. Essentially Hadoop decreases the cost of storing, analyzing, and computing massive amounts of data using open source (Apache Hadoop) software, distributed across a cluster of commodity hardware.

Centrify helps by making sure the Hadoop is secured when production data sets are brought to the cluster. Centrify allows a cluster or clusters to easily join Active Directory thereby ensuring access control to the cluster (allows MapR to run in Secure Mode), but also enabling privileged identity management and auditing of user access to the cluster. We have alignment on this partnership across both organizations with shared investors and executive level meetings to share our early joint success, but also sow the seeds for growing this partnership even more. We are working across executives, Product Management, Engineering, Support, and Business Development with MapR and feel the momentum that is building behind this company. They feel similarly about Centrify:

“Centrify’s capabilities around privileged identity management extend our own security enhancements for enterprise-grade Hadoop,” said Jon Posnik, vice president business development, MapR Technologies. “Our customers use Hadoop in a range of applications including those that require a sophisticated level of protection. Centrify’s seamless integration with MapR is a great addition to our partner ecosystem and we expect it to serve as a valuable security option for our customers.”

MapR_mark_certified-TechPartner_small_300x300We are excited to be working with companies such as MapR who are already off mining this big data to find the gold with their customers. We are impressed by the success and the shear number of customers we see running MapR already. Amongst the 100+ Hadoop customers we know of that are using Centrify with their Hadoop already, many have already integrated MapR and Centrify on their own. In short, we have had enough of our customers ask us about using MapR with Centrify that it was a no-brainer to partner with MapR. We are excited to announce today that we are a Certified Technology Partner of MapR.

It feels great to finally tell the world what Centrify and MapR customers have known for a while…when you want to move your MapR deployment into production, Centrify is the overwhelming choice for making sure only the right users get access to your sensitive and valuable data. For more on why MapR values Centrify as a partner check out this video of Mitesh Shah, Sr. PM for Security at MapR

You can get more technical details on the MapR Centrify Integration on the MapR site at: https://www.mapr.com/apps/centrify

We will be talking big about Big Data this week at the Strata+Hadoop World event in San Jose with Centrify’s new partner MapR. Please come visit us at the event this week at the San Jose Convention Center in booth #1430.