Centrify Partners with NetSuite to Deliver Active Directory-based Single Sign-On for NetSuite

How do you solve security, access and application usability problems that result from dozens of usernames and passwords for your organization?  How can you give users easy and secure one-click access to externally hosted applications like NetSuite across any type of approved devices?

The good news is that Centrify is pleased to announce today an important partnership withNetSuite to provide NetSuite single sign-on. Our solution — Centrify for NetSuite — is a cloud-based service that delivers full support of Active Directory for NetSuite’s SuiteCloud.

For those that are not familiar with NetSuite, NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more. More than 16,000 high-growth and midsized companies and divisions of large enterprises use NetSuite to run more effectively without the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems. By using NetSuite to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere, growing businesses realize breakthrough performance improvements.

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Centrify provides an elegantly simple way to integrate your existing Active Directory credentials with NetSuite to enable:

  • Free Active Directory Integration for NetSuite Single Sign-On — a 5-minute installation securely connects your Active Directory to NetSuite via the Centrify Cloud Service without replicating sensitive data to the cloud or a 3rd party. Check out Centrify’s free NetSuite Single Sign-on for yourself today!
  • Mobile Zero Sign-On (ZSO) — Users enroll mobile devices in the Centrify Cloud Service and use the MyCentrify App for easy access to all of their web apps and native mobile apps like NetSuite.
  • Secure Browser Single Sign-On (SSO) — Simply use existing Active Directory credentials to get one-click access to Single Sign-On for NetSuite and all your favorite SaaS apps through the MyCentrify Portal.
  • User Self-Service with MyCentrify Portal — A user-centric IT interface allows users to conveniently locate, lock or wipe their mobile devices and reset their Active Directory passwords.
  • Frictionless Unified Device & App Management—As an alternative to third-party MDM/MAM solutions, we help NetSuite customers seamlessly integrate mobile devices into an existing Active Directory infrastructure, giving IT secure central management of mobile devices & apps from a familiar interface. The Centrify Cloud Manager enables IT managers to centrally deploy and manage access to SaaS apps like NetSuite, apply Active Directory role-based access controls, and run activity reports.

All of us at Centrify are excited about working with NetSuite and look forward to helping NetSuite and its customers securely and easily access their most important financial and business applications without the hassle of passwords.  In support of this partnership, NetSuite and Centrify have made this announcement and Centrify will be exhibiting this week at NetSuite SuiteWorld. Here is what Guido Haarmans, Vice President of Business Development for NetSuite, had to say about our partnership:

“Centrify provides a valuable integration into Active Directory for users of our leading cloud-based business management software.  With Centrify, IT departments get free Active Directory integration and access controls, while users get the convenience of Zero Sign-On to their NetSuite, providing one less password to remember and maintain.  We look forward to our continued work with Centrify through the SuiteCloud Developer Network.”

Single Sign-On support for NetSuite is available today from Centrify for SAML as well as user name and password logins.

See a video of how Centrify for NetSuite Single Sign-On works, or take a test drive for yourself with Centrify’s NetSuite Single Sign-on today!