Centrify Partners with Leading NoSQL Innovators: Couchbase, DataStax, MongoDB

just-say-nosqlThings are changing. No kidding right? One of the biggest changes you may not even notice is how data is stored by your company or your friendly neighborhood web application.  These days many of these workloads are handled by a NoSQL database.

NoSQL+vs.+SQL-+4+Reasons+Why+NoSQL+is++better+for+Big+Data+applications_1According to Market Research Media, the worldwide NoSQL market is expected to reach $3.4 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 21% between 2015 and 2020. This represents a tremendous new market where companies like Couchbase ($115 million raised), MongoDB ($311 million raised), and DataStax ($190 million raised) have collectively raised more than $600 million to satisfy the insatiable need we have for data.

All that data must go somewhere and these days it may go into a NoSQL database for easily solving the problem of storing, sorting, and getting value out of the troves of information that are created in the Internet of Things world.

hackerguyOf course this also means that we are now responsible for securing these valuable data stores to make sure they are available for users and not vulnerable to cyberattack. Centrify once again proves why it is the leading choice for privileged identity management (PIM) in the enterprise.  The leading NoSQL vendors have all validated that their products integrate with Centrify to provide integration into Active Directory, Single Sign-On for end users and administrators, and audit of activity. This provides ease of integration into enterprise infrastructure, lower cost, increased efficiency, and greater levels of security for important data.

Centrify is a company that has a great passion for helping customers succeed in their line of business- we often do this through partnership to assist the development and growth of a key technology area like NoSQL. That is why we are excited to announce today that Centrify has partnered with Couchbase, DataStax, and MongoDB  to solve the identity management and audit needs of their high performance database technologies.

Supporting this announcement is the validation of each of these partners through joint testing and documentation of these integrations.  These partners also speak highly of Centrify and validate our winning approach to identity management and security:


“Couchbase is a high performance distributed database used by many of the world’s most recognized brands for mission critical web, mobile and IoT applications,” said Rod Hamlin, Vice President of Business Development at Couchbase. “With Centrify, we now offer our customers a seamless way to integrate Couchbase with Windows Active Directory, one of the most commonly used identity management technologies, and address customers’ compliance needs by mitigating threats resulting from identity-related risks.” 


“DataStax is being implemented by some of the most demanding enterprises in the world for the most critical real-time use cases,” said Narayan Sundareswaran, DataStax’s Vice President of Business Development. “These customers demand integration with their existing identity infrastructure, which is something Centrify can provide in a seamless and easy-to-deploy manner. We have worked with Centrify to help them become a DataStax Certified Partner with jointly supported and documented integration.”

You can find out more about these integrations and how leveraging Centrify can make your NoSQL project a success on our Couchbase, DataStax, and MongoDB Partner pages.


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You can also get an idea of how these integrations work in just a few minutes with these integration primers on the Centrify Youtube channel: