Centrify Partners with ServiceNow to Deliver Increased Security and Fulfillment Automation of App and Server Access

Today I am really excited to share that our three new product integration certifications with ServiceNow have raised the bar for identity services automation! These are around automating user password resets, application access requests and server/system access requests. All these integrations have been made possible by Centrify’s cloud identity security offerings — Centrify Identity Service (CIS) and Centrify Privilege Service (CPS).

So why am I excited?

1) Centrify is the first vendor to support identity service automation for both end-users and privileged users to increase security and significantly reduce workloads and save time for ServiceNow request fulfillment. This means IT fulfillers who use various ITIL applications daily for granting application and server access requests can do so quickly with a 1-click approval, and let Centrify’s Identity Platform do the heavy-lifting to do the actual role/permission/license checks, and assign permissions/privileges on target applications/servers.

Centrify is the first vendor to support identity service automation

2) Centrify aligns with ServiceNow’s vision of a service-centered IT experience, in which enterprise service management products are the single orchestration point for all enterprise services for both end-user employees and privileged users within corporate service provider teams such as IT, facilities and HR. Then employees gain from Centrify’s user-centric experience that provides self-service portals consisting of “tiles” of granted apps and servers, which provide remote access to servers or invokes the app.

Centrify aligns with ServiceNow’s vision

3) Centrify “puts workflow to use” by bringing automation for the most complex and security conscious use-cases related to critical secure access requests to IT apps/servers. ServiceNow product managers and sellers have told us that the Centrify apps for ServiceNow are truly flagship workflow implementations for ServiceNow customers, which demonstrate the power of the ServiceNow platform.

Centrify “puts workflow to use”

4) IT admins are looking to make ServiceNow more sticky by deploying newer service automation apps for tedious IT processes. Privileged access request to mission critical servers and new user onboarding/access to employee apps are some of those time-consuming processes ripe for automation – and Centrify’s new ServiceNow certified apps do just that and automate away this setup hassle! ServiceNow takes care of the workflow and approvals, then Centrify automatically provision users into their applications and servers.

Centrify apps in SNOW store

End-users are seeking modern ways to interact with IT and other shared services groups across their organization. They look for “self‑service” through which they search for known apps or servers, request access or services that they need and collaborate with others. ServiceNow provides this ability for non-IT users to request resources in the service catalog that generate workflow for approvals and multiple delivery teams to fulfill the request.

Centrify’s + ServiceNow = reduced service desk and call center workloads by speeding up process and workflow execution with complete automated fulfillment of such role-based access requests.

Automate the tedious stuff.  Let IT focus on more interesting problems. Have more identity service tasks that you want automated inside ServiceNow? Tell us how we can help you!