Centrify Privilege Management Highlighted by Forrester

Happy to note that Centrify is a vendor with one of “a handful of mature products” for application privilege management in the new Forrester report Prepare For The Post-AV Era Part 1: Five Alternatives To Endpoint Antivirus by Chris Sherman, published on June 9.

This provocative report explains why security and risk professionals (S&R) aren’t satisfied with traditional endpoint anti-virus technology.  Adoption of A-V is actually declining in favor of other technologies better suited for endpoint threat protection.

“Forrester has spoken with a number of S&R pros who plan to reduce their reliance on third-party AV. Usually, they do this through adoption of more proactive forms of protection combined with a lightweight or “free” AV engine supplied by the operating system vendor.”

One of those proactive technologies S&R professionals are turning to is application privilege management, which enforces least-privilege on servers and endpoints.

Centrify Server Suite provides full-featured privilege management solutions for UNIX, Linux and Windows servers and workstations, and Centrify is among the “vendors to watch” for application privilege management in the Forrester report.

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