Watch Admin Activity in Real-Time with Centrify Privilege Service

Ever needed a second pair of eyes on a change to a critical server — as it’s happening?

Ever needed to see exactly what’s happening with maintenance activity — with the ability to kill the session if you don’t like what you’re seeing?

If so, then the new “Watch & Terminate” feature in Privilege Service 15.7 is for you.  This feature allows administrative users to watch other users’ remote sessions in real-time with full fidelity, and terminate (kill) the other user’s session if necessary.  This enables a new level of oversight for user activity on critical resources.  New permissions have been added to grant administrative users rights to the feature on a per-resource or global basis.

Like all Privilege Service features, W&T is packaged in an easy-to-use, straightforward design.  A CPS administrator with the correct rights can log in to a “shadow” session of another user’s remote session on a server or network device simply by clicking on the session and selecting the new “Watch” item from the menu.

Watch menu

Figure 1 — Watch & Terminate menu for a user’s remote session

The CPS administrator sees exactly the same screen as the user, with full fidelity on SSH, Generic SSH, and RDP sessions.  The fidelity is so good you can even see the user’s cursor and mouse movement in real-time on Windows desktops over RDP.


Figure 2 — Active user remote session and administrator’s ‘watch’ session

And, in case you don’t like what you’re seeing, you have full control to kill the user’s session (that’s the “Terminate” part of the feature).  All activity is logged, including a CPS administrator’s launch of a “watch” session and (if necessary) a “terminate” of the user’s session.

Our Privilege Service product team delivers new functionality to you at least twice every calendar quarter throughout the year.  This means that you’ll get more value from the service more quickly than you will with conventional software products.

I’ll be back soon with another blog on more Privilege Service changes in the 15.7 release.

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