Centrify Provides Day 1 Support for iOS 8

ios8-hero_2xCentrify will provide day one support for iOS 8 for customers of its cloud based Identity as a Service and mobility management solution. Anticipation for the release of Apple’s latest mobile OS is very high, and if history is any indication, we expect rapid adoption. Centrify has been diligently working with the beta releases of iOS 8 to ensure a smooth transition for already enrolled devices and an improved on-boarding experience for new enrollments.

Customers can rest assured that no software updates will be required to ensure support for the latest iOS release as we have already updated our cloud service ahead of the release.

iOS 8 will deliver features sure to please both end users and security administrators. Here are some notable improvements to iOS 8 that we believe are relevant for business users:

    • Improved email processing workflow. Apple is introducing features in the mail client to allow users to quickly mark messages for follow-up or as read or unread with simple left and right swiping motions. Users will will also be able to easily mark threads as VIP to ensure they are notified of updates to these conversations.
    • Enhanced meeting coordination. With iOS 8 Apple is introducing a number of improvements to the Calendar app to facilitate scheduling meetings from your mobile device. You will now have the ability to see calendar availability of those you are inviting to a meeting. Apple has also improved flexibility when scheduling recurring meetings to allow for custom intervals. In addition you can now quickly reply to the attendees of a meeting to let them know of any relevant information such as when you are running late, or a change in location.
    • Expanded data protection. Apple has enhanced data protection on managed devices to include Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Messages and third party apps to ensure they are passcode protected until after the device has been unlocked following a reboot.

ios 8 mdm

Centrify will continue its commitment to ensure IT administrators can embrace the fantastic user experience that Apple’s mobile operating system provides while providing the confidence company resources can be secured. Moving forward, Centrify will add support for the latest iOS enterprise features to ensure the most secure and easy to use access to company applications and resources.

We are working on integrating with Apple’s Touch ID system to ensure the right users have unfettered access to the applications and data they need on their mobile devices. In addition we are excited about leveraging iOS 8 extensions to incorporate a seamless login flow for users accessing company resources via Safari. Stay tuned for additional information regarding these features in the coming months