Class-leading SaaS Management

In my last blog post, I wrote about how, at a minimum, when you bring together SaaS management and mobile management, you’ve got a great value proposition, and you’ve got an unparalleled set of synergistic features.  The focus of this blog post is how this great value proposition and synergistic feature set help solve the challenges related to SaaS management, including single sign on, as well as the challenges related to mobile device management.

All your apps

Centrify provides turnkey support for 2500+ SaaS, mobile and on-premises applications, or the ability to add your own with Infinite Apps.  Centrify’s SaaS single sign on solution is able to draw from a set of pre-integrated turnkey single sign on entries for thousands of applications, present them through the Centrify User Portal to the end user for single sign on, and in many cases allow the user to go directly to the application without having to go through our portal. That said, the Centrify User Portal provides a great place for application discovery, as well as self-service across mobile devices for locating or wiping, and account access for checking Active Directory attributes and so forth, and doing this all through a single Cloud administrator.  Turnkey support is also offered for on-premises applications as well as the ability to add your own with Infinite Apps

Identity where you want it

In addition to our catalog of more than 2,500 applications, Centrify offers Identity where you want it with class leading Active Directory integration with no replication, as well as the Cloud User Service for external or non-AD users.  This provides the ability to store users either in Active Directory or in the Cloud, as well as the ability to use both sources at the same time within your tenant.  All of your corporate/internal users likely come from Active Directory, and you don’t want to create another silo of identity to manage for those same users.  For external users whether it’s dealers, suppliers, partners or even customers, you may need a place to store those users for accounts that you manage, and to provide them access to your applications.  The Centrify User Service supports this flexible capability.

Deepest Mobile Support

Centrify provides the deepest mobile support via integrated mobile device management (MDM), mobile container management (MCM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile authentication services (MAS).  This set of capabilities provide a zero sign experience across rich mobile apps on mobile devices.  Centrify has a great proof point in the market with Samsung incorporating it into their enterprise offering called KNOX, which we think is a great testimony both to Centrify’s technology but also a validation of the approach of using mobile as a solution to application access.

Strong Authentication

Centrify also provides rich, flexible per-application authentication policies with multi-factor authentication.  It’s a feature of Centrify’s rich mobile application that’s available both in the Google Play and iOS App stores.  Multifactor authentication can include not only Centrify’s soft token solution, but can also use a one-time passcode sent to the device, or even call a phone number and interact with the user through a voice message prompting them to interact and acknowledge the authentication.

Unified management

Centrify’s unified management capabilities provide integrated and role-based SaaS and mobile management with intelligent dashboards and custom reports.  This provides the ability to create an enterprise application store for both SaaS and mobile applications so that you can centrally manage who should have access to which SaaS and mobile clients.  You can even set-up bulk purchase codes so that they can be installed on the right people’s devices.

Built for the global enterprise

But most important is that Centrify is built for the global enterprise.  Centrify supports thousands of customers 24×7, and already understands how to operate in the different markets that our competitors are just now getting into.  Centrify’s regional data centers are already live, and have gone through the process of ensuring that privacy is maintained across borders. Today, thousands of customers are actively using these regional data centers.  Centrify also provides support for over 15 different local languages.  Local language support for a product that puts an interface in front of an end user is important, particularly if you’ve got end users, business users, partners, suppliers, customers that prefer their local language.

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