Data Center, Mobile, Cloud: All Roads Lead through Identity

On Dec. 18 I am participating in a webinar with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Managing Research Director Scott Crawford entitled “Data Center, Mobile, Cloud: All Roads Lead through Identity.” It is a one hour webinar that starts at 11 a.m. PST and you can register here. Besides having great content (and great speakers on the central role of identity in unifying a strategy that yields consistent control over each of these domains, if you register EMA will also provide you two of their analyst research reports on Security which represents a $1590 value.

Scott is presenting impressive data points that you don’t want to miss. He is going to provide details on topics such as:

  • How identity plays a central role in unifying security and management strategy across enterprise, mobile and cloud environments
  • Obstacles to unified management through unified identity and how they can be overcome
  • Keys to evaluating and selecting solutions that reduce costs, eliminate gaps and assure consistency in defining and enforcing policy across enterprise, cloud and mobile environments

Here is a screenshot of one of the slides he will be presenting.

After Scott presents, I will be discussing Centrify’s new cloud-based offering that lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed SaaS single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies.

This is all part of our vision of Unified Identity Services that enables our customers to centrally manage identities across data center, cloud and mobile to optimize cost, agility and security. As shown in the slide below, our unified identity services include integrated authentication, access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance. This results in one single login for users and one unified architecture for IT.

We hope you can join Scott and me in this webinar. Again click here to register.