Centrify Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

2015 sure has been a banner year for cloud technologies! A major development has been the mainstream adoption of containers. Google’s Kubernetes project and Docker have helped the adoption with major open source contributions in these areas. Back in 2014, we knew that Google launches more than 2 billion containers a week! More recently Docker shared that more than 1.3 billion container image downloads had been issued until November of this year, up from just over 2.75 million a year ago. 

Cloud adoption for enterprises may be sooner than we expect — 34% of enterprises will have greater than 60% of their applications on cloud platforms in the next 2 years. Choice to go cloud-first or cloud native for new applications being developed today is now a norm for many companies. Microservice architectures enabled by container technology have been instrumental in enabling some of the major web companies like Google, Twitter, Spotify and Netflix among others to scale and iterate fast.

Development of these cloud native services needs deep expertise in disparate technologies to enable the developer to build these services. But not every enterprise or developer may have the skill set in all of these technologies nor should they need to. That’s where Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation Project, comes in. CNCF’s focus is on developing the technologies and reference architectures that provide the required infrastructure for enterprises to scale their businesses.

We are excited to announce that Centrify has now joined CNCF. At Centrify, with well over a decade of experience in helping enterprises secure identities against cyberthreats, we look forward to contributing to and collaborating with CNCF members in this effort. Privileged users are a common target for cyber attacks and our initial focus at CNCF will be to help secure them.  

I encourage you to take a look at CNCF and newly announced governance as well as technology stack details.