Centrify Helps Companies Comply with Labor Laws

Recently I was talking with a co-worker and he shared a use case from a large insurance company in Brazil. They wanted to ensure that they are in compliance with Brazilian labor laws as it pertains to the number of hours worked by employees in Brazil.

The Federal Constitution states that working hours in Brazil should not exceed 44 hours a week and preferably, no more than 8 hours a day. Based on this scenario, the employee would have to work an additional 4 hours on Saturday. Or, as a workaround that many companies have implemented, have employees work an extra 48 minutes every day in order to take Saturday off.

There are special provisions for jobs that are critical to a function – such as those in the medical profession and the police. These have been agreed upon by the unions and companies.

Even though these laws exist, and rules limit overtime to 2 hours per day, it is common to hear stories of workers putting in 10-16 hours per day. There is limited enforcement of these rules, and a lot of employees choose to deal with these conditions. That is, until they leave they company. After they leave the company, quite a few employees have sued them and prevailed. We have even see some of these law suits here in the US. For example, T-Mobile USA Inc. and CB Richard Ellis Group Inc., to mention just a couple. In Brazil, answering email after-hours is a violation of these laws and more recently, both Germany and France have labor rules that restrict emails and other work after-hours.

The Centrify Identity Service has the ability to restrict application access by user, role, time of day, location or by type of client. The restriction is defined by a policy and it can apply on an application by application basis. The policies can also be tweaked to only apply where the labor laws exist. So, for example, US FTE are free to use the applications any time, while users in Germany are limited to standard office hours in their local time zone. The Centrify Identity Service provides out-of-the-box policy scripts that makes it simple for customers to comply with these labor laws, and the Centrify reporting engine provides the necessary documentation to show that the customer was in compliance.

You can read more about using sample application policies here.