Cyberthreats to SAP Require a Next-Generation Identity Platform

With over 320,000 customers worldwide, SAP is one of the most critical business applications in the market. Because of the information that it contains, it is also one of the most targeted applications and systems for cyberthreats.


Over the past few years, the SAP landscape has expanded beyond legacy ERP systems into technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), while at the same time broadening the attack surface for SAP applications. According to a Ponemon Institute survey released earlier this year:

  • Two of three SAP platforms were likely breached between 2014 and 2015.
  • 75% believe their SAP platforms have some form of malware infection.
  • 100%, of those surveyed believed they could not detect a breach immediately, and over 78% believed they still wouldn’t be able to detect a breach one year later.

Furthermore, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Report 2015, 63% of the breaches reported in 2015 were related to compromised credentials, so when you consider the SAP technology stack, there are many challenges you are presented with:

  • Separate identity silos for each SAP app or server
  • SAPgui transmits password in the clear by default
  • SAPgui communications are typically unencrypted
  • Contractors and third parties

In today’s complex hybrid IT world, businesses need the ability to securely address legacy systems and applications like SAP, while migrating critical processes and capabilities to the cloud. This requires the tools to address all user types  — employees, contractors, partners and customers. Organizations need the ability to strike a balance between productivity and security in a way that allows them to scale as they grow. They need a next-generation identity platform that stops breaches at one of the most common points of attack – compromised credentials. Centrify provides that next-generation platform to many of our 5,000+ customers to address their SAP environments.

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