El Capitan is Here and Centrify Has You Covered With Day One Support

Apple OS X El CapitanToday Apple released a new version of their Mac operating system, OS X 10.11, code named El Capitan. Centrify is pleased to announce day one support for Apple’s El Capitan release, ensuring customers can take advantage of the latest Apple has to offer. Centrify’s day one support for El Capitan is effective across the entire product line, including our Centrify Identity Service, Centrify Express for Mac and Centrify Express for Mac Smart Card offerings.

ios 9 logo 2Coupled with our day one support for the recently released iOS 9 update, the Centrify Identity Service (CIS) continues to deliver industry leading identity and access management and endpoint security without compromising a users ability to embrace the latest devices and the latest features in the corresponding OS updates.

IT administrators leveraging Centrify can confidently upgrade to El Capitan while continuing to leverage our complete management solution including:

  • Active Directory based login to Macs
  • Group Policy or cloud based policy enforcement for Mac and mobile devices
  • Enhanced security settings including FileVault support with individual keys
  • Inventory and Asset management for Mac and mobile devices
  • A complete solution for single sign-on to cloud and on-premises applications for Mac and mobile devices
  • Application management for Mac and mobile devicessmart card chip
  • Smart card login to Macs and smart card protected online resources

Apple continues to enjoy the fruits of their labor with significant growth in laptop market share with the Mac product line. With this latest release of OS X El Capitan, Apple has focused on improving performance and refining the end user experience. Users will want to upgrade to the newest release as soon as possible to enjoy the following improvements:

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Apple’s new graphics core technology, Metal, is introduced to OS X delivering up to 10x performance in draw calls.
    • Up to 40% improvement in app launch speeds, half the time for switching between apps and displaying mail messages, and four times faster display of pdf files.
  • User Experience Improvements:
    • Safari will now feature pinned sites for easy access to the sites you use on a regular basis.
    • Safari adds the ability to quickly identify browser tabs that are emitting audio and silence them.
    • Support for Split View enables two applications to quickly fill the entire desktop side by side.
    • Apple has added many features to the built-in Notes app to allow for richer note taking including check lists, importing links from Safari, and note synchronization via iCoud.

For more information on the benefits and features in El Capitan have a look at Apple’s El Capitan web page.

For more information regarding our support of El Capitan and to ensure your organization is ready to embrace this release, please visit Centrify’s El Capitan web page.