Centrify for Samsung Knox in Action: Support for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3

As a major partner of Samsung’s around its new Knox platform, we jumped at the opportunity when asked by Samsung to participate in their booth at the IFA Conference in Berlin. This is one of the largest conferences around mobile and consumer technology in the world. Most of the news from the show focused around the launch of Samsung’s “smartwatch” aka the Galaxy Gear, and it was neat for me to be quoted in USA Today about it. But also announced at the show was Samsung’s newest model of its “supersized” smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3. While at the Samsung booth we got to see if our software worked with this new device, and it worked great! In this blog I will show you the results …

First some pics of the event…

IFA Conference in Berlin

Samsung attend IFA Conference in Berlin

Centrify presentation in IFA Conference in Berlin

So once we got our hands on the new Note 3, we loaded up our solution for Samsung KNOX that comes standard with the Knox platform. The Centrify installation process on a Samsung KNOX device will create a Samsung KNOX container (think virtualized sandbox that provides a separation between work and play) and install our SSO App inside the Container. With the Centrify solution you can also use Active Directory to manage the container and device itself via policies and administrative commands.

As you can see from the screenshot below it is a Galaxy Note 3 …

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

And below is the container that Centrify for KNOX was able to create. Note the secured icons on each of the apps and also note the Centrify app that can be used to launch web-based apps without having to type in a password.

Screenshot of container that Centrify for KNOX was able to create

If you were to click on the Dropbox rich mobile app you would get the zero sign-on experience that I documented previously. OR if you were to click on the Centrify app inside the container you get a list of all web apps that you can zero sign-on into as shown below.

Zero Sign-On

And finally, we provide the same SSO experience from a web interface on a PC or a Mac, plus the ability to do self-service management of the device itself. Below is the device showing up in a user’s MyCentrify portal — note the location is correctly listed as Berlin. The menus that say “Device Management” and “Container Management ” give users the flexibility to self-manage their device.

MyCentrify portal - SSO

I have a lot to say about Samsung KNOX in the coming weeks, but wanted to show you some neat “pre-day 1” (i.e. the Galaxy Note 3 is not out til the end of September) support of new Samsung devices and the work we are doing with Samsung around Knox.