IDaaS Continues as a Hot Market for 2015

This past year was a tremendous year for the Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) market and for Centrify in particular. Centrify has a history of innovating in the IDaaS space, e.g. we delivered the first integrated identity and mobility management solution delivered entirely in the cloud; the first IDaaS company to surpass 2,000 customers, etc.  This year we showed further innovation by releasing compelling features such as the App Gateway for accessing on-prem apps without a VPN as well as user lifecycle management and provisioning for Office 365 and dozens of other apps. 

The IDaaS market continues its rapid expansion as organizations wrestle with the de-perimeterization effects of Mobile and Cloud. At the recent Gartner Data Center Conference, the analyst firm claimed that over the next 3 years the amount of corporate data that travels directly from mobile devices to the cloud without ever crossing into the traditional corporate network will grow to 25%, up from less than 5% today.

Facing that uncomfortable truth requires a new approach to securing access to corporate data — one which can handle these increasingly hybrid use cases. This is where IDaaS comes in, securing access to corporate applications and data whether in the cloud, on mobile devices or in the data center.

And as we mentioned last year, the market is certainly moving at a fast pace — Gartner now estimates that by the end of 2018, IDaaS offerings will make up 25% of all IAM purchases, which is more than double the 2014 share of under 10%. In fact, the identity market as a whole is growing at a faster pace than any other security market and within the identity market Centrify is a leader among the two fastest growing segments including IDaaS and Privileged Identity Management (PIM). [For more info on our exciting new Privilege Service checkout the product innovation blog and the problems with legacy PIM solutions blog.]

So what does Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Gartner logoService say about Centrify? That is a great question and I would encourage you to download the 2015 IDaaS MQ report and take a look at what Gartner has to say about Centrify. I think you will be impressed with our position in the quadrant.

But what do we believe about our place in the IDaaS market? From purely our perspective, Centrify has improved our position in the IDaaS market dramatically over the past year and we are now arguably ranked one of the top three vendors overall based on our growth and innovation. Which is a great accomplishment in that other vendors have been in the market longer than us, but our product innovation and customer adoption is having us bypass others. 

And the good news is that we are not just a tactical “one trick pony,” i.e. we are not just a one login solution for SaaS, but offer a broad set of capabilities that also extend to privilege management and address on-premises systems and apps. We also offer industry leading Mac management as well.

In fact, due to our growth and innovation, one could make the case that we are one of the top two pure play vendors overall and the top pure play from the breadth of product capabilities point of view.  Again, we consider this phenomenal progress in such a short period of time, especially in a year where almost every vendor faced growth contraction mostly due to several of the platform vendors entrance in the market.

From Centrify’s perspective, one of our main strengths for end user identity scenarios continues to be that of our enterprise mobility management and Mac management capabilities. We believe that Centrify’s EMM and Mac features continue to be the strongest in the IDaaS market. The importance of integrated Mac and mobility management is further highlighted in the fact that several of our competitors have scrambled this year to add basic mobile management features after recognizing the importance that mobility plays in securing corporate data and apps.

But we also uniquely extend the concept of IDaaS beyond end users to focus on IT users and privileged accounts. This year Centrify has delivered innovation with our Centrify Privilege Service that enables privileged account management including password lifecycle management (e.g. checkout/check-in and auto maintenance of system passwords) in addition to remote session access for SSH and RDP as well as user activity monitoring and auditing.

And when it comes to provisioning and license management, last year’s weakness has become this year’s opportunity after adding provisioning and license management support for a significantly expanded number of apps.

As for this year’s plans? Stay tuned in the coming months for how Centrify plans to enhance support for external user communities (so called “B2B and B2C”). Also planned is addressing the needs for more workflow and governance. So you will see these features in both the Centrify Privilege Service and the Centrify Identity Service over the rest of this year.

Overall we are quite pleased with the growth of the IDaaS market and our position in it. Follow the link for more info on the Centrify Identity Service (free trial here) or download and take a look at the complete 2015 Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) Magic Quadrant report.