Getting Mobile Identity Right: Why Samsung Partnered with Centrify

You’ve heard us talking quite a bit about how Centrify transformed traditional application “single sign-on” (SSO) solutions for desktops to “Zero Sign On” for mobile apps and devices. You’ve also heard why the world’s number one mobile device manufacturer chose to partner with Centrify for delivering mobile identity management to their millions of users.

Today I wanted you to hear directly from leaders at both Samsung and Centrify about what makes Zero Sign On possible — truly integrated mobility security and management (Enterprise Mobility Management or “EMM”) and identity and access management (“IAM”) features built from the ground up on a single platform.

The key challenges for businesses of all sizes adopting cloud and mobility is finding the right balance of usability and security — “security without inconvenience.” Users want to get 1-click access to an increasing number of apps without typing lengthy passwords for each of them. As mobile devices are increasingly the primary means of user access to business apps, if the device can first be trusted and secured, the convenience of mobile app sign-on can then be made even simpler by eliminating that first time password sign-on prompt (typical SSO solutions require this to prove who the user is). An EMM service ensures correct device posture and compliance, so that the IAM service can securely run on only such trusted devices for 1-click experiences to mobile apps.

This deep cooperation and integration between the IAM and EMM services is what makes “Zero Sign On” possible — where the user does not need to enter even a single password for first time sign-on, because the user identity is already stored securely on a managed and trusted device.

mobile identity & access management, mobile IAM by Centrify

Centrify recognized this importance of mobile device and app management for getting mobile identity right, and was the first company to unite Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) into its User Suite product. Centrify believes end users should have a seamless experience across all devices, and administrators should manage their users, their apps, and their devices all from one console. Gartner, in their recent Magic Quadrant for Identity-as-a-Service, recognized Centrify as VISIONARY — specifically for this capability.