Google Apps: It Scares You, But it Shouldn’t

Its Monday morning 7am, you are sitting at the breakfast table with your beautiful wife and two children. Life couldn’t get any better than this. Your mortgage interest rate is at 3.5%, you have the college funds for the kids in the bank and both cars are paid off. You think to yourself “I am the luckiest guy in the world”…But all of a sudden you remember that your boss told you he wants to use Google Apps. Your hand starts to shake like you just had a triple espresso on an empty stomach and your stomach kinda feels the same way. Because you start to think…

  • People will forget their passwords
  • The line of business owners will always need accounts provisioned immediately
  • Someone was able to still log on to the SaaS application month after his employment was terminated
  • Some organizations want to limit access to only a subset of all the google apps offered
  • I have no idea how to integrate this with my current user directory
  • How do I give access to partners or contractors without creating accounts in my own user directory
  • And I have no idea how to configure it

But you also love it. You really do. You embrace the idea of SaaS applications because you know it can make your life easier, because you no longer need to install applications that require software updates, you no longer need to worry about what happens if someone loses his laptop — all their stuff is safe and sound in the cloud.

Google Apps DeploymentSo you go online and look around, you try to find a solution for your problem, and you remember someone telling you about Centrify Identity Service.

What is Centrify Identity Service? Centrify Identity Service for Google Apps offers a complete, robust, and easy-to-use Active Directory (AD) or CIS Cloud Directory integration with Google Apps. Keep your Active Directory data on premises, securely behind the firewall — without replication to the cloud. Prefer a cloud directory? You decide — Use Active Directory, or a hybrid for the best of both worlds, providing a seamless authentication experience for Google Apps users, and an easy-to-use intuitive Administrative interface for IT staff to automate the process of on- and off-boarding employees with day one productivity.

With CIS you can ensure that users have seamless access via single sign-on (SSO) and that their Google Apps accounts are created, updated, and deactivated on an integrated cycle with the rest of the systems in IT.Google Apps Hero

You get secure access to Google Apps from any device. Enforce and update mobile security settings, and remotely lock or wipe devices. Lock the Centrify Mobile App with a passcode or fingerprint, and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Google data. No separate software required.

CIS allows you to leverage your users’ mobile devices for strong authentication to Google Apps. The Centrify mobile authenticator is easy to use on smartphones, tablets and smart watches — just tap “Approve” or “Deny.”

And you just found the Google Apps Deployment Guide for CIS. This guide covers:

  • Preparing your Google Apps and Google Apps developer account
  • Limiting access to certain Google Apps based on Security Group
  • Configuring automated account provisioning into Google Apps
  • Enabling Single Sign On in Google Apps
  • Provisioning new Users
  • Configuring Chrome Book device management
  • Integration with Active Directory

Google Apps Console
This is exactly what you needed, your hand stops shaking, that knot in your stomach is gone and you feel like the luckiest guy in the world again.