Going Google Just Got Easier With Centrify


GfW LogoYou’ve likely seen all the recent press surrounding  Google’s continued push into the enterprise since its launch of the Google for Work business tools including Apps for Work, Android for Work, Chrome for Work and Google Cloud Platform solutions.  Clearly Google is going “all in” on increasing both presence and market share of Google in the Enterprise, leveraging a partner ecosystem to help them accomplish these goals.

Centrify’s continuing momentum and leadership around mobile and cloud identity management recently made us the only IDaaS vendor to have partnered with Google to offer the broadest set of third party identity capabilities for Google for Work.  We’re proud of this accomplishment in developing a single trusted identity platform to help Google customers, and we look forward to a collaborative partnership with future enhancements to support this endeavor.

CIS GoogleThis initiative is one that Centrify is certainly embracing head-on. A strong partnership has been formed — with agreed-upon goals and objectives, milestones to meet, and a shared market insight that the Google platform together with Centrify in the enterprise is truly a winning combination for organizations looking to strengthen their security core.

Centrify’s partnership with Google is unique in that it lets customers adopt multiple Google for Work products, including Android devices, Chromebooks, Google Compute Engine, and Google Apps for Work by providing the identity layer of security and management to deploy all those users, devices and apps.

At the end of the day what users do on devices, is use apps. What defines a secure user in an app is their digital enterprise identity. With Centrify Identity Service, businesses can unify device context, user identity and IT policy to help ensure that access to apps is easy and password-free but only granted to authorized devices. From a single management console IT can manage Android for Work profiles, provision corporate email and Google apps and provide single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to apps deployed to the Android for Work profile.  CIS Google 2

Organizations can leverage their existing Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP to deploy Chromebooks to their workforce without synchronizing passwords to Google Apps. Using Centrify Identity Service, workers can use their existing corporate identity to login to Chromebooks and access all the corporate apps they need, while IT can also implement additional security through multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies.

To realize this goal, Centrify has actively partnered and aligned with many Google systems integrators, services and consulting partners who have a clear objective and many years of experience with Google in the Enterprise. Companies like Voxmobile, who’ve built their business on enabling mobility for such initiatives inside enterprise environments, are partnering with Centrify to help Google’s customers to securely and easily deploy Google Android, Chromebook and Apps for Work.  Partnership

When your Google Apps for Work, or Android for Work implementation calls for enablement and administration, look to Centrify as your solution to securely manage all of your mobile devices, apps and business data from a single directory or console. Look to us to help advise you of the right partners to align your business with if you don’t have a trusted advisor to help pave the way for a comprehensive identity and mobility strategy.

We’re always open to onboarding system integrators and consulting partners providing advisory, consultation, and delivering Google solutions to market.  Please contact me directly if you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can partner with Centrify!