How to Cook Up a Great MFA Strategy

Have you ever attempted to assemble do-it-yourself furniture—or for that matter throw together a meal—without following the instructions or recipes closely? You end up with furniture that looks like it was thrown off a truck or food that’s barely edible.

mfa-blog-cookingWhen it comes to deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA), the same kind of philosophy applies. If you don’t follow some basic guidelines and practices, you’ll end up with a “solution” that doesn’t really solve the problem of protecting data.

MFA solutions provide the kind of protection that organizations need in today’s increasingly complex IT and security environment—mitigating password risk by requiring additional factors of authentication. But they’re not going to do you much good if you take the easy, set-it-and-forget-it approach.

Some of the MFA best practices amount to common sense. But as any manager knows, common sense often goes out the window in the rush to meet a deadline when you’re pulled in one hundred different directions. It takes a strong leader to make sure MFA is deployed in the most effective ways possible.

For example, one good practice is to deploy MFA across the enterprise rather on a few select servers. If you have an effective solution for a security challenge, why would you want to limit its availability within your company? As a manager, you need to lead the charge in deploying MFA everywhere.MFA for Bill's blog

Another good practice is to make sure the technology is easy to use. How do you think your employees will react to something that makes their lives at work more difficult or their tasks more aggravating? Chances are, you will feel the backlash before the rollout is even complete. Fortunately, modern MFA solutions are vastly easier to use than older, less nimble systems and have a wide range of authentication factors to suit the user. In fact, many leverage the capabilities of mobile devices, which are the IT endpoint of choice for many workers today.

If all goes well, you can enjoy a nice home-cooked meal that tastes like it was cooked by a gourmet chef, at a table that looks like it was built by a master carpenter.

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