Halloween Season Brings New Candy from Google, Android Lollipop!


It’s that time of year, when we get a peek at the new Nexus devices, as well as what Google has been hard at work on for Android. Android Lollipop definitely looks fantastic with its new “material design” overhaul of the UI. But beauty here is more than skin deep, as they say. One of the cool new features for us here at Centrify is “smart lock,” where the lock-screen can be bypassed when you are near trusted devices or locations. You can be sure we are hard at work here at Centrify to see where there might be business uses for this technology and what we can do to extend it even further.

Notably absent from the Lollipop announcement were the “Android for work” components that we saw as part of the developer preview. We will have to wait and see if they are part of the initial release, or coming at a later date. We here at Centrify are excited about the Android for work features, since currently managing enterprise applications and features are limited on stock Android, and we are anxious to extend our SSO and identity capabilities even further on this new Android platform.

Screenshot_2014-10-16-09-26-19For those of you unfamiliar with Android for work, it’s new functionality to manage the device and applications. Devices are able to have a managed profile with a separate copy of apps and data storage that can be managed by the MDM that created the profile. This is similar to other mobile container vendors, except there is no persona-switching. Personal apps live alongside managed apps which are identified by a small briefcase icon.

Watch here for exciting updates soon on how Centrify will be embracing Android Lollipop!