Securing Enterprise Identities For Dummies: Free Live Webinar

In previous blogs, “Securing Enterprise Identities For Dummies, Part One and Part Two,” I wrote extensively about how identity can provide a new layer of security for your organization. Identity can be a powerful security tool for protecting both end-users and privileged users from the leading cause of data breaches — compromised credentials. Implementing an identity platform for both identity as a service and privileged identity management can add a strong player security for your organization.


In Part One, we covered how the traditional network perimeter is inadequate for today’s apps and infrastructure, which are increasingly cloud and mobile. We also covered steps to securing enterprise identities so that any user can obtain secure access to any resource. These steps included:

  1. Take stock of your existing enterprise
  2. Consider the role of identity in cybersecurity
  3. Architect security using identity
  4. Deploy an identity platform for security

Part One of this blog concluded that an identity platform can provide you with a unified and integrated set of tools, auditing, reporting and control across all of your user communities and resources. The benefits of a platform-based approach allow you to achieve the security you are looking for with a consistent set of tools and features, and without the hassle of dealing with so many other vendors. In Part 2 of this blog, I want to cover some of the key features to look for in an identity platform.

 In Part Two, we covered some of the key features to look for in an identity platform including:

  1. Comprehensive and centralized management
  2. Ease of integration
  3. Single sign-on
  4. Multi-factor authentication
  5. Federation support
  6. App and infrastructure access management
  7. Mobile security management
  8. Secure remote access to apps and infrastructure
  9. Privileged access and shared account management 

And finally, we covered how important a strong vendor partnership and support is to success: A vendor that wants to see you succeed can make the difference between a successful rollout and a failed and neglected implementation. Find a vendor that has great references and a reputation for carrying through after the sale.

Now comes the Live Webinar. Please join Centrify on Wednesday September 14th for a free live webinar titled, “Securing Enterprise Identities For Dummies” where we will:

  • Uncover current cyber threats and discover the role identity plays in most cyber attacks
  • Examine security challenges to enterprise IT and understand how cloud and mobile are eroding the traditional security perimeters
  • Learn to architect your security using identity and apply identity to security in ways that help fix porous security borders
  • Look at deploying an identity platform for security and how a modern identity platform provides an easy way to leverage identity as a security layer

The first 100 registrants for the webinar will receive a hard copy of the book, Securing Enterprise Identities For Dummies.

To learn more right now about how identity can provide a new layer of security for your organization, download the booklet “Securing Enterprise Identities For Dummies.”