Mobile First + Identity First + Cloud First = Centrify User Suite

Here is a novel idea — Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)-as-a-Service — but in combination. This is exactly what Centrify did when launching the Centrify User Suite in 2013. An industry first solution, built from the ground up for the mobile first, identity first and cloud first world of today and tomorrow.

The convergence of mobility and identity is needed for most enterprises today. Business data is everywhere, and employees use SaaS apps, such as Salesforce and Concur, along with many on-premise apps — all containing business data. But more importantly, these apps are accessed via mobile devices — in fact the mobile device is becoming the preferred access method for most apps.

As a result, the enterprise today is forced to apply IT security policy in two places.

Identity Policy-EMM Policy

Mobile PolicyBut the intersection of apps, identity and devices gives IT the best point to apply a comprehensive security policy that accommodates a full set of information to empower the policy. The device type, the device security posture, the device location, the other apps, the identity of the user, and the app being accessed can all be combined to create holistic policies that effectively protect business data.

This is exactly why Centrify built its Cloud Service from the ground up with a single policy service that accommodates and enables all these policy conditions.

Other vendors are now following — Microsoft and others have made announcements, so expect ongoing announcements and industry acquisitions to deliver product bundles. But combining two policy services into one, two user interfaces into one, two SaaS tenant management systems into one — all takes time and effort. And the big question remains; will it all work together?

Centrifythe Cloud Not just about SaaS SSOCentrify has been in the market with a converged mobile first, cloud first identity service since 2013, built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind. And we deliver it as a multi-tenanted solution that runs in data centers throughout the world and works in 15 languages. And it provides the flexibility to have identity where you want it and policy where you want it too.  Compare cloud identity solutions to our stuff — we think you will agree that we provide the most comprehensive and unified IAM- and EMM-  as-a-service solution out there.