Spanning Mobile Devices to Mainframes and Everything in Between

Last week announced the general availability of Centrify for Mobile, our new cloud-based service lets enterprises centrally secure and manage smart phones and tablets, including iPads and Android devices, using existing Active Directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes. This week we announced support for latest Linux operating systems running on IBM Z Series. The net result is Centrify’s unified auditing and access management capabilities now span more than 375 operating system platforms — the industry’s broadest range of resources operating on premise or in the cloud — and uniquely span from mobile devices to mainframes and hundreds of flavors of desktop and server operating systems and applications in between.

To me this is significant because as you look at the proliferation of devices and applications, and as users and departments “Bring Your Own” (BYO) Devices and Apps and even Servers, the one constant in all of this is identity. Therefore it is critically important from a security and compliance perspective to control what a user can access across this changing sea of heterogeneous devices + systems + applications, and to also make a user’s life easier by preferably giving them a single username and password. This becomes even more significant as more organizations and users embrace the cloud, which means that the traditional Security 1.0 approach of “protect the perimeter” becomes less relevant and Identity in effect becomes the new perimeter.

We think the Centrify approach of delivering secure, universal access from any end point to any on-premise or cloud resource is what is required in today’s increasingly heterogeneous IT infrastructure. And we think the way we go about — by allowing you to leverage an existing identity infrastructure (Active Directory) tied to our on-premise software and the Centrify Cloud Service (that acts as a “Cloud Access Security Broker” for cloud-based resources) — to enable this is the way to go. We have already gotten amazing feedback from our customers to our vision and product roadmap at this week’s Centrify User Conference and we look forward to not only sharing with you more of this vision and but also delivering significant proof points in the coming months.