Centrify’s Mobile Momentum

In my last blog I talked about some of the new features that were part of our latest mobile release, including support for the Apple Watch wearable device, app-lock using fingerprint and NFC, and our overall strategy when it comes to wearables and innovative security features with regards to mobile. This is all great news for our customers, and continues our commitment to integrated app and mobile management, but let’s go back a bit to when it all started.


Centrify was the first (and remains the only) vendor to truly integrate identity and mobility management delivered from the cloud. At the time when Centrify made the decision to start with integration from the outset, it was probably seen as a big gamble to some. But our gamble paid off and now the market and our competitors have responded with similar type of integrations only to say, “me too.”

There is a big difference when you put in the thought and effort to integrate something as a combined solution from the start versus stitching something together at the end and calling it “integrated.” We are confident that current and future customers will find the power of our integrated platform outshines the others. Just off the top of my head, some of our customer favorites which are unique to Centrify are:

  • Policy controls for both applications and mobile in a single admin interface
  • Integrated MFA built into the mobile app, so adding MFA to any SaaS app requires no special configuration
  • Leveraging the power of our platform with CPS on mobile — the ability to check out vaulted passwords for privileged users on your mobile device with fingerprint security
  • Ability to add SSO access to applications directly from the mobiles home screen launcher

Mobile access to critical corporate resources is on the rise. Whether those resources are cloud apps, mobile apps, on-premises apps, or IT resources such as servers or network devices, mobile is becoming the de facto way to enable access and represents the best second factor of authentication. Only Centrify combines identity policy with mobile security — including robust support for Apple Macs — for both end users and privileged users.

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We remain committed to securing end users and privileged users — across all applications, and devices.  Stay tuned here as we reveal more powerful mobile features throughout the year, to further push the capability set expectation that customers have when they hear the term “IDaaS.”