Forrester Study: Managing Privileged Access Security in a Hybrid IT World

We recently commissioned a Forrester study to find out how IT decision makers deal with privileged access security in hybrid IT environments. The survey tested the hypothesis that as organizations open up access to remote users and move more of their workloads to the cloud, their privileged identity management (PIM) solutions should also move to the cloud. The results are in!

Having a PIM solution that is purely on-premises is no longer enough to secure privileged access to hybrid infrastructure and applications.

The survey data shows that 92% of organizations are either currently outsourcing, or planning to outsource at least one security and infrastructure function in the next 12 months. Remote privileged access is also on the rise with 97% of respondents supporting outsourced IT or employees who are increasingly working remotely.

managing privileged access security

Preventing data breaches and minimizing attack surfaces created by too many accounts with too much privilege continue to be top of mind across the board. 88% of the survey respondents ranked data breach prevention as their first or second priority.

IT security priorities

Clearly, moving to the cloud and protecting privileged access to on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure and applications are business imperatives that security and risk professionals cannot ignore. Increased delegation of administrative privilege to less well understood workforces (such as outsourced IT) weakens traditional controls for identity-defined security. The result is more risk introduced through granting privileged access to users who are not your employees, and allowing more laptops to connect to infrastructure via VPN, laptops that may not be properly secured.

So, what does Forrester recommend?

  • If you want to protect your data, pay attention to identities.
  • Do not separate business and privileged access management when it comes to cloud applications.
  • Embrace the cloud for managing business and privileged identities.

To view the full Forrester study commissioned by Centrify to learn more about PIM-as-a-Service trends, benefits and Forrester’s recommendations, please visit here.