Marketo and Centrify Announce Partnership for Marketo Single Sign-On

Ever forgot your password at a critical business moment and needed to login to your needed application on the go, but were locked out from your app?  Don’t ever lose an opportunity because you are human.  We all forget things. Centrify allows you to use Marketo without having to remember a password. Login once to your device with your Active Directory username and password and use all your apps without having to remember dozens of passwords any more!

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The popularity and surge in the use of SaaS applications for B2B marketing has created some challenges for marketers and IT organizations. The only downside of having a wealth of applications at your fingertips is the multiple usernames and passwords required to login to the various SaaS applications. And as the ecosystem continues to expand, the login issues will continue to frustrate marketers and flood the IT helpdesk with reset and access requests. That’s why we decided to join the Marketo LaunchPoint partner ecosystem.

Today Centrify is excited to announce our partnership with Marketo, and our participation in Marketo’s LaunchPoint partner program.  Centrify has partnered with Marketo to become their preferred SSO and identity management partner and to provide a free solution for Marketo customers — Centify for Marketo Single Sign-On (SSO). With Centrify SSO, Marketo users now have seamless and secure one-click access to externally hosted applications like Marketo across any type of approved device. Together we can help our joint customers to enjoy single click access to Marketo and the applications they use everyday.

“Marketo delivers easy, powerful and complete software for the modern marketer, and this partnership with Centrify will make it even easier for customers to access Marketo,” said Robin Bordoli, VP Partner Ecosystems at Marketo. “With Centrify as a partner, Marketo customers now have more choices for how they manage the enterprise access to our leading cloud application.”

Centrify’s SSO and identity management solution provides an elegantly simple way to integrate your existing Active Directory credentials with Marketo to secure Single click access to Marketo across web and mobile devices. Marketo and Centrify are focused on giving businesses more flexibility and productivity by giving users easy and secure access to Marketo on all devices regardless of location. For those of us needing to make on the go decisions 24-7, Centrify for Marketo Single Sign-On solves a lot of problems and makes us agile, responsive, and able to react even when outside the office. I know I am increasingly doing work in any spare moment using something other than a laptop or PC, so this kind of solution is extremely helpful to me in getting my work done at Centrify.

All of us at Centrify are excited about working with Marketo and look forward to helping Marketo and its customers securely and easily access their marketing SaaS applications.

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