Innovative New Program for MSPs to Offer Cloud Identity to their Customers

msp-partner-logoIt’s been an exciting year since we launched the CCPN (Centrify Channel Partner Network) in January of 2014. We are now continuing to evolve our partner program based on industry changes and demands. This week Centrify announced a new partner program level within our Channel Partner Network. Our announcement of MSP capabilities to our product has opened up a new area of potential partners in the mid-market space, in addition to satisfying the demand from our current partners that focus on delivering managed services to their customers. As I look back at all we have accomplished in the past year, there are some very specific components that drove, and will continue to drive, this success.

  • Adaptability.
      This recent announcement is a perfect example of how Centrify is able to be nimble and cater to our partners and customers in the every-changing industry. Our MSP product capabilities are a direct result of demand from our partners. Many of our partners have lines of business in this area, and it was important for us to be able to offer them the ability to solve security and authentication challenges as their customers adopt more cloud technologies. Partners can now use Centrify’s User Suite technologies to create private customer tenants, with easy-to-administer ability to on-board/enable/disable their client tenants; all while at the same time dramatically increasing security in hosted environments. This all through a single portal that is powered by Centrify. The ability for Centrify to adapt to this demand and market opportunity has again proven that our approach to our partners and customers works. A year ago we listened and adapted to launch a new program for our partners, and now we are evolving our program more to continue to meet the demands of the industry. We have even recently launched a new SPIF program that includes Systems Engineers in receiving opportunity-based incentives.
  • An excellent channel, sales and leadership team.
      In order to drive revenue with our partners, it is critical that we adopt and execute a path to success. From onboarding to enablement, our Channel and Leadership teams have gone above and beyond to drive the knowledge and adoption of Centrify’s business value within our partner ecosystem. This is only where it starts. Once an opportunity is identified, we need all areas of our sales organization to assist partners through sales cycles to help further enable them. Our team here at Centrify has proven to adopt all channel execution best practices to further grow their businesses. Our technical teams are just as critical, and have really made an impact with technical enablement execution. From initial dialogue, to fully mentoring/shadowing technical resources at our partners; this is what helps round out a channel-centric organization.
  • Lead generation and account alignment.
      Lead generation activities are a very important component to our continued pipeline growth. In this rapidly changing industry, partners have adapted well to understanding what works well when planning and executing demand generation efforts. From email campaigns to trade shows to local customer appreciation events; there are always new thoughts on how we can make these compelling and differentiated from past events. This helps keep attendance numbers strong, in addition to providing the right messaging needed to drive thought leadership into sessions.
  • Strong and loyal partnerships.
      Our partners are critical to our success as an organization. As with any new program that is launched, what makes one stand out from another is adoption, buy-in, and communication. Our partners were very excited about our program changes, and the majority have embraced the requirements and built plans for further growth into higher levels of the program. Communication of the new program was critical, but the follow on activity to work with each and every partner one by one, to build a plan that fit well within their business model, was the main activity that maintained loyalty and built our strong partnership.
  • Company success and market opportunity.
      Centrify has grown dramatically quarter over quarter as a whole. There is no question that this helps add to our organizational credibility, but also helps us to drive continued success with our partners. Partners lead with compelling and solid technologies that will solve real pain points within their customer-set. We continually get feedback from partners that “this stuff just works!” and arms them with another reason to continue to add value into their trusted customer environments.

I look forward to writing the details of our success with this new MSP program level in the near future. It’s great to reflect on what is working well, and how we can continue to grow as an organization to meet our partner and customer needs. Many thanks to all of our partners and their commitment to working closely with our teams here at Centrify. 2015 will be a key year of execution for us, and we cannot do it without our strong strategic partnerships.

I posted in a previous blog, and said this to partners face to face, that we are 100 invested in driving mutual success for each partner in our program. This continues to be the case, and we plan to show our appreciation in our upcoming partner awards ceremonies. Stay tuned.