Multi-Factor Authentication – Going for Olympic Gold

At a very basic level, we are all searching for a gold medal at the end of each day, and what companies want for their employees is a defined method of authentication so that they can master their craft and take home gold.

Let’s picture for a moment that your company is the city, Rio, in Brazil, and that you have given all of your partners connections to your network for the Olympics. Not only that, everyone that has flown in will be using your Wifi for the three weeks the games are happening. AHH!!! That thought scares me, since there will be many people on your “front porch.” You want to ensure that your daily activities are done securely.

To do this, you need to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA), Centrify can accomplish this task for you on many different levels, since it is delivered using an identity platform approach.


Our story is threefold:

  1. First, we make sure your users authenticate with a single username and password. This allows your partner to authenticate on-premises in your network on UNIX, Linux, MAC and Windows machines with a single identity that leverages a few common two-factor functions for authorization. In fact, Centrify Server Suite allows a person to be verified by phone, text, SMTP or push notifications from our free application out of the IOS and Android mobile stores.
  2. Secondly, for the last five years we have been an innovator in the Privileged Identity Management space, where we run web applications like Salesforce, Samanage and SAP for your computer while remotely leveraging SAML assertions for authentication. Getting users to finish tasks sometimes takes them out of the office, and that’s when enforcing MFA is paramount in keeping your enterprise identity secure. Centrify Identitiy Service is the key to making all of your users connect to the same intermediary for authorization in web applications.
  3. Lastly, we now have a third product, which is a little like two regular Pentathelon events now with a hybrid approach. What do I mean by this? Centrify has the ability to delivery MFA remotely and with the same functions that were described with Centrify Server Suite over RDP and SSH to your users and computers a part from your AWS, Azure, DMZ , DR or Local LAN.

Secure your “country”” and start working together with all your athletes so that they are in their correct lanes. That way, you can take your business to the podium with our “Gold” solution.

Learn more about multi-factor authentication here