Office 365, Perficient and Centrify: Millions of Users Can’t Be Wrong

“…We’ve moved 2.2 million users to the cloud with Office 365.”

I’ve done a lot of webcasts, and had a lot of co-presenters, but I don’t think I can remember one that started with a line that was quite as perfect as that one.

That was Joe at Perficient talking.  And with that simple sentence, he had everyone’s complete attention.  He did a great job of speaking for those 2.2 million folks, too.  He spent the first part of our discussion laying out the challenges that he’s seen many customers face as they stare down the barrel of migration from on-premises to cloud with Office 365.

Joe walked through key considerations that business need to make as they prep for migration, as well as some key lessons learned.  And when those lessons are learned across as many implementations as Joe has, they are pretty well universally correct.

In preparation for our chat, I had heard Joe talk about some of these key considerations and lessons, and I felt like they really came down to two big buckets: security and speed.

Not to brag, but I’ve been part of more than a few migrations as well.  And like Joe, I have even performed some of those myself (I should tell you about the time one of my on-premises datacenter’s AC units froze itself into a giant, heavy, dripping block of ice, and I had to mop the water away from the rack of mail servers…talk about a “cloud inspiration moment!”).

Security and speed have been paramount in all of those migrations.  Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to mean moving away from security — that’s what I spend most of my time discussing.  The right solutions — like Centrify — mean that IT can remain in control as apps move outside the traditional perimeter.  Moving doesn’t have to be a months-long endeavor anymore either.  I can’t count how many customers we talk to who are many weeks into their deployment or migration of Office 365, but stuck somewhere with federation services or complicated sync issues — it’s just not necessary anymore.  Months can be reduced to days now — with almost no time spend on on-premises connectors.

All in all — I think it was a great talk.  Lots of good audience questions, and a great expert from a strong partner to tell the story with me.  Thanks to Joe and all the participants for a great event — have a listen and see what you think!

For a perspective from our partner speaker Joe Palarchio at Perficient, please click here and read what he has to say.