Why Outsourced IT Deserves As Much (Or More) Security Than Internal IT


ValueThis is a very short blog.

Short on text, that is. Long on value.

If you’re in IT, especially in IT management, please click on the following link to see the many ways — some unique to Centrify — that our new Server Suite 2016 and Privilege Service 15.12 protect your most sensitive data from being stolen.

Rather than toss out a load of features and leave you struggling to figure out how to thread them together in a meaningful way that addresses your specific business needs, we’ve weaved them into a story. Stories are great! It’s fictional, but oh so apt given all the cyberattacks reported in the last 24 months.

This is a story about Andras, an outsourced IT web admin and his adventures remotely managing an organization’s web servers:

Before I go, this final diagram (click to enlarge) should help you isolate the various layers of security that you should be applying in your environment, from Andras through to a target server or network device he manages.

Take a close look and ask yourself how secure is your current outsourcing environment? Each numbered layer in the diagram could prevent or stop an APT, bot, or malware attack in its tracks.

Think about it.


For insights on how Outsourced IT is impacting the modern enterprise, read Forrester’s study – Managing Privileged Access Security in a Hybrid IT World